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iUniverse, Jun 20, 2006 - Fiction
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Kansas Benjamin is a young woman trapped in a life of deception.In her late twenties, Kansas falls in love with Nathanial "Nate" Jeffries, a promising accountant in a growing Los Angeles firm. When they decide to marry, Kansas moves away from her home in Atlanta to pursue a life with Nathanial in California. Though she falls in love with the beauty of Los Angeles, she is soon disillusioned by her domestic lifestyle.The strains of marriage become even more evident when Kansas loses her twins during pregnancy. Nathaniel becomes distant, immersing himself in work and more frequent trips out of town. One day, he doesn't come home, and Kansas confirms that he is having an affair. Soon after, Nate files for divorce and Kansas begins to move on with her life, becoming more involved with the modeling agency that employs her, traveling to Europe and Hawaii. She even falls in love again. But the more Kansas integrates into her new life, the more she is reminded of her past. Though she is haunted by memories of Nate and their deceased children, she eventually uncovers clues that lead her to the shocking truth behind her marriage.It will take more than strength to recover. But with the support of friends and the unfolding facts, Kansas will have her revenge.

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