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AuthorHouse, Feb 21, 2011 - Poetry - 172 pages
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Set in India of the 21st century, this book titled Musings, is a collection of essays about Indian society, its trends, its fashion, its movies, its icons and above all its common people.People who make what India is today.A society of grave complexities, of enormous wealth, both human and material, of utter poverty and hopelessness on the other hand.A land of faith and of darkness, of great intellectual progress and of superstitions!A land of entrepreneurial skill, of great success stories, and wisdom and spirituality.Of sages and seers, Mahatmas and conmen!And its biggest export to the west, Bollywood.With the Indian diaspora spread all over the world, chicken tikka masala, henna and the song and dance numbers have truly gone global.India has the world dancing to its tunes and quite literally!India is slated to have the maximum number of English speaking populace by 2020, and given by the pace at which blogging has caught on, its no surprise, that book this should include entries from the author's blog.The internert gives wide exposure to views and news around the globe, and a blog writer is truly a world netizien.Last but not the least, poetry which rocks the heart and pulls at the strings and will make u sigh.Potery which talks about longing, lost love, about a sense of displacement and isolation, of human relationships and much more!

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About the author (2011)

Sonal is a freelance writer based in Maharashtra, India, who has worked as a journalist for various publication houses.She is a post graduate in Literature and has a diploma in Women's studies too.She is a keen observer of life and loves to write about things she sees around her, such as societal trends, books, movies and fashion. She also writes some fiction, short stories and poetry.She writes from the heart and says it as it is without mincing words!Her world is one which you and me inhabit and she writes about things we relate to.Human relationships and emotions are important to her and this comes through in her books.She is gifted with deep sensibilities and writes sensitively about issues relating to women, youth and the common man.Her work is contemporary, set in the modern times and she makes an attempt to chronicle our changing times. Based in India, she writes about a society that is in transition,in conflict with the traditional and the modern, and a country which is fast emerging as a world power. She believes India's time under the sun is truly here, and she represents the voice of the modern, urban Indian woman. Whichever part of the world you belonged to,you would want to discover her country , through her eyes as she takes you through its myriad complexities, its problems , social issues, its icons, its great economic progress and ofcourse, you cant miss it, Bollywood! India is madness, mayhem, spirituality and salvation at the same time.Belonging to a generation of young educated Indians who have seen the transitional India, grappled with it, she becomes a voice to hear and contend with.

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