Aging of Polymers, Polymer Blends and Polymer Composites, Volume 2

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Gennadiĭ Efremovich Zaikov, A. L. Bouchachenko, Viktor Borisovich Ivanov
Nova Science Publishers, 2002 - Science - 515 pages
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Preface; Some Manifestations of the Antioxidant Synergy During Polypropylene Oxidation; Inhibiting Properties of Substituted Arylamines with 3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-Hydroxybenzene Fragments; Free Radical Mechanisms of the Unhydroglucose Cycle Radiation Degradation in Polysaccharides; Physical Features of Thermal Ageing Kinetics of Polyurethane and Polyisocyanurate Foams and Forecasting of their Durability; The Ageing of Rigid Polyurethane Foams and Their Waste Destruction at Influence of Landfill Leachiest; Influence of Mineral Filling Agent on the Thermostability of Poly(vinylchloride); Effect of Production Procedure of Butadiene Acrylonitrile Rubber (BNR) on Accelerated Aging of Industrial Rubber Compounds; Using Hindered-Amine Light Stabilisers for Protecting of Rubbers Under Various Types of Aging; Utilisation of Rubber Waste by Pyrolysis with Subsequent Burning of Solid Retorting Residue; Stages of Processes of Extension Deformation of Cross-Linked Polymer Obtained by Hardening Resorcine Glycidyl Ester by Metaphenylenediamine of Temperatures Above Glass Temperature; Temperature Dependence of Rate Constants of Linear Chain Termination for the Three-dimensional Polymerisation of Dimethacrylates; Kinetic Parameters Estimation of Reaction of Peroxides with Amines; Estimation of Kinetic Parameters of Peroxides Decomposition; Synthesis of Functional Group Containing Organocyloxanes and Copolymeres on Their Base; Effect of Temperature on Conductivity of Polymer Conducting Composites; Ageing of Polyester Resin under Moisture Action; Supramolecular Heterophase Kinetic Model of Photo-Transformations in Cellulose Triacetate Sensitised by Naphtalene; Estimation, Forecasting, Regulation of Operational Stability of Materials in XXI Century; Perspectives of a Quantitative Estimation of Kinetics and Mechanism of Processes); The Role of Sulphur Containing Groups in Inhibition of Oxidative Degradation of Polyolefins by Hindered Amines; Estimation of Hindered Amines Molecular Structure Influence on Their Efficiency; Express Method for Thermoplastic Products Longevity Estimation; Thermal Behaviour and Stabilisation of Arylaliphatic Polyamide; Liquid Crystalline Copolymers as Modifiers for Some Thermoplastics; Diffusion at Acetic Acid in Hydrolysable Glassy Polymers. Case of Poly(vinylacetate), Poly(vinylalcohol) and Polyester; Inhibited Oxidation of Polypropylene Melt. The Effect of Multiple Crystallisation at the Polymers; Effect of Conditions on the Mechanism of Fracture of Polymers under Intense Stress Fields at Evaluated Temperature; Kinetic Peculiarities of Synthesis of Adamantane-Containing Polyamides and Polyimides; Chemical Modification of Aromatic Polyimides by Adamantane-Containing Diamines and Properties of Resulted Polymers; Research of a Membranes Material by Reversed Gas Chromatography; Influence of Intensive Mechanical Treatment on Decomposition of Barium Peroxide; The Peculiarities of a Bitumens Modification by Solidifying Thiokol Compositions; Ecological Aspects of Manufacture and Application of Highly Pure Liquid Substances; Use of Fluoropolymerts Unique Properties at Design of New Highly Effective Ecologically Friendly Technologies for Fine Purification of Halogen Hydrides and Their Aqueous Solutions; Index.

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