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Great book.
A glimpse at a possible future.

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This book should at least have a free audio because my students are not up to date on the vocabulary in this book and its hard for them to read and the audios are about $36.99 and that is too much to pay not even the school i work for is willing to for that audio.

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Superb science fiction. Neal Stephenson has again proved to be a visionary futurist with the world he has crafted here.
In Snow Crash, Stephenson showed us what the world would look like ten
years in the future (it was published in 1990) and was largely correct. Reaching farther with The Diamond Age, Stephenson shows us what life might look like a hundred or so years from now. Again, much of the technology he foresees is only a few steps away from what we have now. Not only are his predictions plausible, but easily achievable given modern advancements in miniaturization.
Futurism aside, this book contains a marvelous tale about a little girl and the people that affect her life. Even though many of the characters never interact with one another, their individual storylines distinctly show how the decision of one character affects another character, both directly and indirectly.
Stephenson's characters also display a great deal of depth and growth throughout this tale. Given that the book spans nearly two decades, you are able to grow up with Nell and discover the world as she does. Aside from her, you get to experience the underside of this world with John Percival Hackworth, a programmer/engineer who becomes one of the most important people never heard of. Through their stories and the stories of those connected with them, we get to experience something not quite out of this world.

Review: The Diamond Age

User Review  - Alex Hammel - Goodreads

Still like it on a second reading. The ending is maybe a bit abrupt, but I like the way it switches to fairy tale/Primer prose for the last chapter. The plot is a bit all-over-the-place at times, but ... Read full review

Review: The Diamond Age

User Review  - Dwight Stone - Goodreads

I'm torn, I used to like this more than Snow Crash, but after re-reading both back to back I have to say that I think I've switched allegiances. Although the very concept of the Young Ladies ... Read full review

Review: The Diamond Age

User Review  - Christopher Mowatt - Goodreads

foresight in spades, neck and chevalier neck with William Gibson. visionary west coast cyberpunk, and Canadian to boot. Read full review

Review: The Diamond Age

User Review  - Sharad - Goodreads

Great book. Stephenson created a very interesting and convincing setting, along with nicely fleshed out characters. Very recommended. Read full review

Review: The Diamond Age

User Review  - Catherine - Goodreads

Things that are freaking awesome: this book Read full review

Review: The Diamond Age

User Review  - Joshua Dancer - Goodreads

A fairy tale for adults, with science fiction trappings and a story that's both twisting and twisted. So much of it can seem like unrelated nonsense, until it all ties together in the end. The only book that's made me cry openly in public. Read full review

Review: The Diamond Age

User Review  - Mark Donahue - Goodreads

Of all Neal Stephenson's books, this one, along with "Snow Crash," remain my favorites, ones that I re-read every few years. Read full review

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