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Without knowing it would do so, this novel serves pretty well as foreshadowing for our current potential for genetic monstrosities. Itís also a sharp commentary against science for scienceís sake and the role of morality in scientific research. If you can let go of the fact that it could never happen and immerse yourself in the straightforward prose, itís a gripping tale and I was pretty shocked at how affecting it was. I felt revulsion and real tension as I read about Moreauís experiments and Pendickís pursuit through the nighttime jungle by the islands grisly inhabitants. I was thrilled in more way than one; by the writing and the story and that it could be so damn compelling and exciting. I didnít expect that for a 100+ year old novel. If you can overlook the fact that thereís no way in hell those creatures would be possible and some of the other signs of its time itís a pretty terrific story. Mysterious, creepy and with an ending and general circumstances that donít give you all the answers. 

Review: The Island of Dr. Moreau

User Review  - Erica - Goodreads

The Island of Dr. M is a great tale. But that's just it. A tale. I mean the story and the elements were great but the writer didn't make you feel like it could be real or you were in the story. I felt like I was reading a children's book and even then I've read better kids books. 3 stars Read full review

Review: The Island of Dr. Moreau

User Review  - Rachel - Goodreads

I thought this was a brilliantly inventive book and allows us to think about what people are actually capable of when left to their own devices. The regression of the 'creatures' on goes to highlight ... Read full review

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