Jesus Didn't Exist! the Bible Tells Me So

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Lulu Enterprises Incorporated, 2006 - Religion - 172 pages
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Dead Little Fish proves that the biblical figure of Jesus Christ is a remnant of an ancient spiritual mythology; a sacred symbol which was accidentally mistaken for a historical person. It describes in detail how the gospel story, including the death and resurrection of Jesus, was stolen directly from earlier sun-cults. It also uncovers the original philosophy of salvation behind Christian symbolism, and is full of quotes from early Christians who clearly worshiped Jesus as a mythological being rather than a historical man.

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I'm the author of this book; I would take it down if I could but everything is eternal on the internet. It was a first attempt and there are many problems with it; I'm giving it away free on my sight
However my much, much better new book "Jesus Potter Harry Christ", is completely awesome. Check it out.

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I got to the part where this dude quotes Gospel of Thomas and that's hysterical. The Holy Bible that most Christians use and refer to does not include the false doctrine of Thomas. Next time, try quoting from the actual word of God. Okay your book....epic failure Derek Murphy.
And you watch too much zeitgeist buddy. Its been debunked already. Through the preview of the book you can already see the author can't even show correlation between Jesus and other mythological figures. He just claims they have similarities. How about some proof and sources, quotations anything? You got nothing. Boring and uninspiring.

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