Tourist's Guide to Warwickshire (Google eBook)

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E. Stanford, 1882 - Warwickshire (England) - 131 pages
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Page 140 - ... the curious traveller or pedestrian can wish to know ; indeed the directions for the tourist are more precise and practical than those usually given in more elaborate works." York Herald, "The information concerning every place of note within Its boundary is concise and thoroughly to the point. It is well arranged, handy, convenient, cheap, and strictly reliable.
Page 136 - The author has hit the mark he aimed at, which was to give the tourist the greatest amount of practically useful Information condensed Into the smallest compass. It is well and cleverly done from beginning to end, and will be worth all its cost when put in the corner of the bookshelf after the tour is over, as a book of reference.
Page 138 - Containing a number of capitally arranged excursions by road or rail, and an interesting chapter on the celebrities, the dialect, and the traditions of the old ' North Folk.' " Graphic. " Mr. Rye's Guide is really a charming little volume, cheap, very handy, very readable, and very complete. It is sure to command an enormous sale among excursionists on the Great Eastern line.
Page 149 - JL above the level of the sea, overlooking the Bristol Channel, commands uninterrupted views of the Valleys of the East and West Lynn, Lynn Cliff, Brendon and...
Page 106 - Olympvs habet. Stay, passenger, why goest thov by so fast ? Read, if thov canst, whom enviovs Death hath plast Within this monvment : SHAKSPEARE : with whome Qvick Natvre dide ; whose name doth deck ys tombe Far more than cost ; sieth all yt he hath writt Leaves living art bvt page to serve his witt. Obiit Ano.-Doi. 1616. yEtatis 53. Die. 23. Ap.
Page 153 - It furnishes the blood with its lost saline constituents." Dr. TURLEY.--" I found it act as a specific in my experience and family in the worst form of Scarlet Fever, no other medicine being required.
Page 151 - Penzance, and the Land's End ; while the Broad Gauge Carriages running in the Fast Express Trains to and from the West of England, for which they have been specially built, are THE FINEST RAILWAY CARRIAGES IN ORDINARY USE IN THB KINGDOM.
Page 153 - ROWLANDS' KALYDOR, both cooling and refreshing to the face and skin. It allays all heat and irritability of the skin, eradicates eruptions, freckles, tan and discolorations, and realises a clear and healthy complexion. Price 4s. 6d. and 8s. 6d. per bottle. ROWLANDS' MACASSAR OIL, an invigorator and beautifier of the Hair beyond all precedent. . ROWLANDS...
Page 143 - THE LINCOLN POCKET GUIDE. Being a Short Account of the Churches and Antiquities of the County, and of the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Lincoln, commonly called the Minster. By SIR CHJ ANDERSON, Bart.
Page 154 - Penzance stands unrivalled for the variety and quiet beauty of its scenery, whilst the mildness of its climate is admirably adapted to invalids. Apartments en suite. Ladies' Drawing and Coffee Booms, Billiard and Smoking Rooms, Hot and Cold Baths.

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