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seems to me he ended on a godly note. which, I being me, am impartial to. seems unnecessary, but I guess he just had to get a lil spiritual with it like that. valid points regardless. exceedingly so! He backs up everything.The author writes for us algebraic equasions charting the mind's functions. An interesting point he makes is how our each original thought is just literally a spark from nothing. manifest. and, on a larger scale, apllying this to godhead 

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THIS is a must read for anyone who wonders either about quantum mechanics or consciousness or both. It has the most comprehensive presentation of Bell's inequalities I've ever encounter in a non-technical book. Well written, inspirational and clear. We own Harris Evans Walker --Eugene Wigner's student-- a great dept for his pioneering work. E.H.W. was the first to bring forth the question of QM & Consciousness, in it's precise formulation, as early as mid i 1970's !! His contribution being acknowledged, for its fertile bearings, by Sir Roger Penrose in it's "shadow's of the Mind".
This book offers a spring of ideas, something one will be reading over and over again, because the well of this spring goes very deep and its width covers a wide land of information. Happy reading. Thank you Evans Harris Walker!

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