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I liked many things about this book. I did find it helpful and educational as a mother of three girls & definitely took away some great knowledge. I also enjoyed reading the actually case studies that she used as examples of the different issues facing adolescent girls. I also appreciated that she frequently explained how to she helped the girls and the families. It made the problem seem a little more manageable. She also goes after the American culture as a whole and challenges it's treatment of women of all ages. It really made me think about the things I have come to accept as "just the way things are".
What I didn't like was that her book seemed to lack in hope. She implies several times that the culture and peer pressure have more control over our children than we do. As a parent I refuse to accept that & find her negative message discouraging for parents everywhere. Even though I prefer Pipher's more liberal approach to parenting, I preferred James Dobson's book "Bringing up Girls". The reason being, is that he was very encouraging that parent could & should protect their girls from the misogynistic culture rather than just accept that they will be exposed to it and there is nothing we can do about it. If we are going to change the culture then we need to take a stance to keep it out of our homes.

Review: Reviving Ophelia: Saving the Selves of Adolescent Girls

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I read this many years ago when my now-teenager was a then-toddler. I thought it might be outdated, but I was so very wrong. It is, unfortunately, still incredibly relevant and worth reading. I encourage anyone who has a young girl or spends time around young girls to read this. Read full review

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