The Haunted Universe

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Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated, 1977 - 168 pages
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Breaking through the inhibitions of the field of parapsychology, D. Scott Rogo explores the possibility and examines the evidence that we are actually populating our universe with psychic creations-beings, objects, and other phenomena--that have taken on a physical reality and are now haunting our planet. "At first glance one could dismiss this book as ingenuous, but in fact it is both well-considered and brave. It is a rational discussion of phenomena which, if true, would be considered parapsychological, but which even parapsychologists tend to reject out of hand, even as their critics dismiss phenomena parapsychologists consider legitimate. Rogo treats such taboo topics as teleportation, religious miracles (weeping and bleeding statues, materializations, mysterious lights and apparitions associated with religious figures), psychic phenomena associated with UFOs, the reality of evil, and types of "Forteana" likely to have a psi explanation." - Exceptional Human Experience Network

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