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The epic sprawl of this ambitious yet ultimately unsatisfying novel encompasses everything from indie rock to environmental radicalism to profiteering in the Middle East.The first novel from Franzen in almost a decade invites comparisons with its predecessor, The Corrections, which won the 2001 National Book Award and sparked controversy with Oprah. Both are novels that attempt to engage—even ... Read full review

Review: Freedom

Editorial Review - - Harvey Freedenberg

There is a certain amount of hubris involved in titling a novel with a word as capacious and controversial as “freedom.” Happily, Jonathan Franzen has the ability to produce a work fully worthy of that portentous term. He has done that with integrity, compassion and humor in a story that is as real as your nextdoor neighbors and as rich with contemporary relevance as tonight's cable news broadcast ... Read full review

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2012-12-12 读过 Written by one ambitious writer, maybe too ambitious, this book reveal ups and downs of ordinary and typical American family, however, in an uncomfortable way.

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Found this to be a tedious book to read and tho I was with Franzen's political and other views, I think he was just too "in-your-face" with those views. Characters weren't very likable...

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Enthralling and touching. The author convinces me that he's portraying the inner lives of lots of very different people, and he brings them together into a very entertaining story.

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Good read

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I could not put this book down for three straight days. The Berglunds, their neighbors, friends, and enemies are, with very few exceptions, extremely well developed characters. This reader felt very lucky to observe a small group Americans living through the end of the last century struggle mightily to carve out spaces for themselves as individuals. Reflecting on this story, about a month after having read it, I cannot help but feel that a literary character is hardly ever developed better than Patty Berglund is in this vibrant world Franzen creates. Having read this book after several of my friends, I am grateful to them for having brought it to me, and me to it. Please enjoy it as thoroughly as I did. 

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Loved it! Heart-wrenching and inspiring all at once...really makes you reflect on your own life.

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SImply Great!

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Incredible modern literature. I never wanted this book to end. There were some parts that were slow and not interesting to me, but once I got through those parts it paid off. The way Franzen setup the storyline is genius. While reading this book a movie was created in my head, this could be non-fiction in a James Frey type of way. This is about human trials and tribulations. It is full of selfish, demanding characters that are all from the same roots. It shows that humans absolutely need to feel wanted. It shows that humans have to have something to want. I will never read another book of this length in the short amount of time that I did. Now that it is over, I am wondering if I will ever find another piece of contemperary work that compares to this greatness. Walter is saving the little birds! 

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