Villainage in England: Essays in English Mediaeval History (Google eBook)

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Clarendon Press, 1892 - Great Britain - 464 pages
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Page 434 - Dei gracia Rex Anglie et Francie et Dominus Hibernie Omnibus ad quos presentes littere pervenerint salutem.
Page 423 - Henrici graue dampnum et contra formam etc. vnde dicit quod deterioratus est et dampnum habet ad valenciam centum librarum, et inde producit sectam etc. Et predicti lohannes et lohannes per lohannem Nuttyng, attornatum suum, veniunt et defendunt vim et iniuriam quando etc.
Page 409 - The communal organisation of the peasantry is more ancient and more deeply laid than the manorial order. Even the feudal period shows everywhere traces of a peasant class living and working in economically self-dependent communities under the loose authority of a lord whose claims may proceed from political causes and affect the semblance of ownership, but do not give rise to the manorial connexion between estate and village.
Page 157 - ... from the personal tie ; as for the rule of succession, it testifies merely to the fact that the so-called custom of Borough English was most widely spread among the unfree class. The obligation of serving as a reeve or in any other capacity is certainly derived from the power of a lord over the person of his subject ; he had it always at his discretion 1 See above, pp. 487 sq. 2 "Notebook of Bract on, pi. 1230.
Page 8 - And from hence also arises another inference ; that the liberties of Englishmen are not (as some arbitrary writers would represent them) mere infringements of the king's prerogative, extorted from our princes by taking advantage of their weakness ; but a restoration of that ancient constitution, of which our ancestors had been defrauded by the art and finesse of the Norman lawyers, rather than deprived by the force of the Norman arms.
Page 7 - Europe, at the declenfion of the Roman empire. It was brought by them from their own countries, and continued in their...
Page 49 - Neither of the one sort nor of the other have we any number in England. And of the first I never knewe any in the realme in my time ; of the seconde so fewe there be that it is not almost worth the speaking.
Page 359 - Ad istam curiam venit tota communitas villanorum de Bristwalton' et de sua mera et spontanea voluntate sursum reddidit domino totum jus et clamium quod idem villani habere...
Page 426 - Leigh, is certainly one of the most interesting surveys of a medieval manor extant, and gives a better insight into the condition of ancient demesne than any other document I know of. Its publication would be particularly desirable in the interests of social history.
Page 414 - Regis nunc et consilium suum pro communi vtilitate eiusdem regni ordinatum sit quod si aliquis seruiens in seruicio alicuius retentus ante finem termini concordati a...

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