Cooperations: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature CoonsHad that body also placed journalism under the color ban they would have disposed of the 'Majah' most effectively, and, I might add, to the entire satisfaction of all concerned; unless, indeed, the coons had objected to their company.ndash;William Cowper Brann in Brann The Iconoclast, vol 12.Then we'll clean up this bunch o' coons an' have you back to El Orobo an' nursed into shape in no time.ndash;Edgar Rice Burroughs in The Mucker.Coons and woodchucks often have their dens in these ledges, and before the country was settled no doubt bears did also.ndash;John Burroughs in My Boyhood.On the eastern side was a more likely place for gray squirrels, coons, and partridges.ndash;John Burroughs in My Boyhood.The coons prick up their ears, and leave on the opposite side of the field.ndash;John Burroughs in Winter Sunshine.We learned much about the ways of foxes and woodchucks and coons and skunks and squirrels by hunting them.ndash;John Burroughs in My Boyhood.What do the chipmunks, red squirrels, and weasels do in a country without stone fences? The woodchucks and the coons and foxes also use them.ndash;John Burroughs in My Boyhood.Another class spent their time in hunting opossums, coons, rabbits, and other game.ndash;Frederick Douglass in My Bondage and My Freedom.He wint to practisin' law an' found his on'y clients was coons, an' they had no assets but their vote at th' prim'ry.ndash;Finley Peter Dunne in Mr Dooley's Philosophy.Coons were insufferably stupid to Miriam, so he thought they were to himself also, and he preached priggishly to Annie about the fatuity of listening to them.ndash;D.H. Lawrence in Sons and Lovers.

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