AARP The Living Trust Advisor: Everything You Need to Know about Your Living Trust (Google eBook)

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John Wiley & Sons, Dec 20, 2011 - Business & Economics - 256 pages
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Many of us spend a lifetime building wealth and accumulatingassets, but fail to properly plan how all of this will be passed ononce we are gone. And while dealing with complex financial issuessuch as inheritance and estate taxes forces us to face our ownmortality, making these difficult decisions is something we allneed to do.

Living trust attorney and bestselling author Jeffrey Condon isextremely familiar with these types of situations and understandsthe importance of a living trust in an increasingly uncertainworld. Now, with The Living Trust Advisor, he skillfully discussesthe various aspects of this document and details how it can providea seamless transfer of assets to your spouse, children, and otherbeneficiaries after you are gone.

Written in a straightforward and accessible style—andpeppered with Condon's trademark humor—The Living TrustAdvisor puts the living trust in perspective and walks you throughthe four life phases associated with it. Page by page, thispractical guide will help you:

  • Address the numerous issues that should be considered beforefirst meeting with a living trust lawyer and other key players inthis arena
  • Establish and manage your living trust over the course of yourlife as well as prepare it to carry out your financial wishes onceyou and your spouse have passed on
  • Identify potential inheritance problems now, so you can buildsolutions into your living trust before it's too late
  • Distribute living trust assets to future generations andprotect those assets once the transfer is complete
  • And much more

Throughout the book, Condon provides you with real-worldexamples that illustrate key points or clarify particular concepts.While many of these examples are drawn from Condon's professionalrelationship with clients, some anecdotes are associated with hispersonal experiences in this field.

If you've picked up this book, then you're probably thinkingabout putting together a living trust. Or, perhaps you already havea living trust and you're looking to revisit it. Whatever yourreasons, this reliable resource contains the straightforward adviceand practical insights you need to create and maintain a livingtrust that will ensure your final financial wishes are carried outin full.


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Could be titled 'Legalese for Dummies'!

User Review  - grady1 - Borders

Jeffrey Condon has accomplished what to the layperson has always seemed impossible - writing a book about a legal document that doesn't stumble over the rocks and crevices of legalese! In THE LIVING ... Read full review


Title Page
How You Established Your Living Trust Without a Clear
Its an AfterDeath Power of Attorney but Its
Putting Your House in Joint Tenancy with Your Child Is This Side
Who Should You Select as the Lifetime Agent of Your Living
You Can Select Your Children as Your AfterDeath Agent
Either You or Your Spouse No Longer Acts as a CoTrustee
You Live You Learn
Consequences of the Unforgiven Loan
Do Not Leave Your Child an Outright Inheritance OR IM
Using Your Living Trust to Force Your Child into
Who Are Your Grandchildren? OR DO YOU REALLY WANT
The NotSoGood News
Who Pays the Estate Tax? OR DONT MAKE ONE PERSON
Question and Answer Time OR TAKE THE OPPORTUNITY

Should You Tell Your Children about Your Living Trust?
The Power to Change Your Deceased Spouses Inheritance
Divide and Conquer
Dont Intentionally Leave Your Children Unequal lnheritances
A Random Sampling of Cautionary Tales from the Inheritance
Keep Your Opinions to Yourself If You Want to Inherit

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