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Page 395 - BTU, represents the amount of heat required to raise one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit in temperature.
Page 456 - The land is valued at $50 to $75 an acre. The following table gives the results of mechanical analyses of samples of the soil and subsoil of this type: Mechanical analyses of Tyler silt loam.
Page 277 - Mason and western Putnam, and central Cabell, to enter Kentucky from northern Wayne, ten miles above the mouth of the Big Sandy river. Where the. axis of this great basin enters the State, and on to the southwest as far as Doddridge county at least, the...
Page 470 - Atensville, 0.25 mile northwest of, east of railroad between Eden Park and Atenville stations, opposite mouth of Dry Branch, in southeast end of culvert, in sandstone; aluminum tablet stamped "617...
Page 465 - Ceredo, at road crossing near station; top of rail 569. Buffalo Station, 7 feet from track, in southwest abutment of bridge over Buffalo creek; aluminum tablet stamped "565 GRAFTON" 562.455 Buffalo, in front of station ; top of rail 563 . GUYANDOT QUADRANGLE.
Page 440 - Waynesburg sandstone comes to the surface. Some areas of this type are also scattered through the Meigs clay loam, usually on the tops of narrow ridges. Such areas were too small to be shown on a map of the scale used in this survey.
Page 288 - ... available to geology through this enormous expenditure of money in drilling for oil and gas in West Virginia, but as yet the officers of that. Institution have failed to embrace this opportunity to add so immensely to the sum of human knowledge at only a small outlay in money. The great oil producing companies would most heartily co-operate in any such endeavor by giving facilities for securing samples of the drillings, making more numerous and accurate (steel line) measurements etc., but they...
Page 288 - White" has the following to say concerning the importance and value of such records: "*******The geologic data thus given to the citizens of our domain practically free of expense, has cost the operators millions of dollars to secure, in their fruitful search with the drill. That they will spend many millions more in piercing the rocky envelope of the State for these treasures of light and fuel, goes without saying. The writer has endeavored to enlist the aid of the Carnegie Institution of Washington....
Page 15 - There is no State tax assessed for school purposes. Each district makes its own assessments for the maintenance of its schools, both teachers and building fund.
Page 430 - The following table gives the normal monthly, seasonal and annual temperature and precipitation as recorded by the Weather Bureau station at Point Pleasant: Normal monthly, seasonal and annual temperature and precipitation at Point Pleasant.

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