The Memorial History of Boston: Including Suffolk County, Massachusetts. 1630-1880. Ed. by Justin Winsor, Volume 4 (Google eBook)

Front Cover
Justin Winsor, Clarence F. Jewett
J. R. Osgood and Company, 1881 - Boston (Mass.)
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Page 570 - I had groped in dark obscurity till of late, and had but just become known and gained a small degree of reputation, when this execrable project was set on foot for my ruin, as well as that of America in general, and of Great Britain!
Page 335 - ... to men, emancipating all nations, you insist upon retaining an absolute power over wives. But you must remember, that arbitrary power is like most other things which are very hard, very liable to be broken; and, notwithstanding all your wise laws and maxims, we have it in our power, not only to free ourselves, but to subdue our masters, and, without violence, throw both your natural and legal authority at our feet; — " Charm by accepting, by submitting sway, Yet have our humor most when we...
Page 230 - And further, that all parents and masters do breed and bring up their children and apprentices in some honest, .lawful calling, labor, or employment, either in husbandry or some other trade, profitable for themselves and the commonwealth, if they will not or cannot train them up in learning to fit them for higher employments.
Page 230 - ... to the end that learning may not be buried in the graves of our forefathers in church and commonwealth, the Lord assisting our endeavors.
Page 268 - Technology, for the purpose of instituting and maintaining a society of arts, a museum of arts, and a school of industrial science, and aiding generally, by suitable means, the advancement, development and practical application of science in connection with arts, agriculture, manufactures and commerce...
Page 612 - Roxbury, consisting of over two hundred acres of land, to be retained by the trustees, and, " that they will establish there a course of instruction in practical agriculture, in useful and ornamental gardening, in botany, and in such other branches of natural science as may tend to promote a knowledge of practical agriculture, and the various arts subservient thereto...

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