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Academic Press, 2006 - Science - 821 pages
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This latest volume in the Methods in Microbiology series provides an overview of the methods used for the isolation, cultivation and handling of a wide variety of extremophiles, both at the stage of their isolation from natural samples and in pure culture. It contains protocols specific for work with extremophiles, as well as adaptations of “standard” microbiology protocols modified to enable the handling of extremophiles. Emphasis will be on detailed time-tested protocols that are specific for work with extremophiles and adaptations of “standard” microbiology protocols that have to be modified to be suitable for handling extremophiles.

* Guides newcomers in the field of extremophile microbiology in the techniques used
* Provides an overview of all areas of extremophile research
* Many protocols could be adapted for use with a wide range of organisms

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Oren, Division of Microbial and Molecular Ecology, Institute of Life Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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