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This book is amazing. It's heart warming, sad, happy and all of the above. I recommend it because I don't read very much but randomly decided to read this and I think it makes me want to read.

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I loved this book. I couldn't put it down no matter how hard I tried! Rose was exciting and amazing and I was actually disappointed when I moved on to Daisy. But then I read Daisy and I found myself yelling at her for dying her hair and going out with that failure. I was relieved to find a happy ending to that as well as a new part, Laurel. Laurel was awesome just like her sisters. I could relate to her in so many ways, just because she's an animal lover. Lily, I couldn't picture sixteen. I was always imagining her 8, even in Daisy and Laurel when she was 12 or whatever. Though I hated that Daisy dies, I thought it was the happiest ending possible when Rose names her baby Daisy, forever remembering their 18 year-old sister who was the smartest, sportiest person alive. 

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this book is so amazing. i really relate to all the girls. i couldnt put the book down when i got in to it....... i really respect this book and the author.

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It's a truely unforgettable book and even though it is thick, I found myself crying and my eyes brimmed with tears of joy. Yeah, there are plot twists and smacks in the face with big "WHAM" hands. But yeah... amazing book...

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This is one of the best books I have ever read. I bawled in Laurels story, but it was worth it. This book has many twist and turns and will not disappoint you. I do recommend being 13 years or older though. It does include some references to underage drinking and sex. I got this book at barnes and noble and find the price incredibly reasonable. It will not leave you bored. At the ending you want to cry, except it is happy instead of sad like in much of Laurels chapter. Rose is 16 years old and is finding out who she is. She explores her first true love and has to give up much of what she has since her father's death. Daisy is tired of being the good sister so she want to change, so she starts dating Peter. She eventually finds her true self and ends up engaged. Laurel deals with tragety and finding love. She dates her best friend who has liked her since the 8th grade but it doesnt turn out. Lily is tired of being the youngest of the bunch but discovers herself in a writing class. 

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Its amazing how much this book resembles my life perfectly, except Racheal never died. My eldest sister, Jackie, about 7 years older, plays the piano and was taking singing lessons, She had a stupid boyfriend who had another girlfriend then dated another guy and got married to him, they had a kid she was also Racheal's best friend. Racheal, about 6 years older, is the perfect one except she never did sports but did have a rebelious boyfriend time. Heather, almost 4 years older, did always had pets even the mice Jackie and Racheal freaked over, not to mention the snake we caught.Iin seveth and eight grade she dated her best friend Sean then the other best friend Parker, she was the sporty one. I'm the youngest, i write, read, dress wierd according to other people, love history, hate people i know reading what i write & always speak my mind no matter who it pisses off. Me and Heather were best friends. We all live within 3 miles of one another.
My sisters almost freaked when i had them read this because each part was like a piece of them.

Review: The Year I Turned Sixteen (The Year I Turned Sixteen #1-4)

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All this was was four story about four sisters who from some strange odd reason all seem to go through a HUGE transformation the year they turn sixteen , which is a little unrealistic to me. And all ... Read full review

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