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Review: I'm OK - You're OK

User Review  - Arukiyomi - Goodreads

About fourteen billion years ago when I was a young child, I remember my mother had this book on my parents' bookshelf. I remember three things about it. Firstly, it was one of the few titles on that ... Read full review

Very Useful Book

User Review  - Ramamoorthy Su... - Flipkart

I wish to suggest that this book is very useful for understanding the human behavior and actions and reactions of humans at particular situations. This book reading will make you analysis the problems ... Read full review

I'm OK You're OK

User Review  - Flipkart

It is very good book for increasing communication skills and avoiding pit falls/ road blocks in interpersonal interaction. Definitely a very good read, especially recommended for teenagers to prepare them to face the world in correct perspective. Read full review

Review: I'm OK - You're OK

User Review  - Anindya - Goodreads

A pretty good book to figure out why you are what you are. However, I was recommended to read this to answer one more question - knowing what you are and why so, what you need to do to be what you ... Read full review

Review: I'm OK - You're OK

User Review  - Realini - Goodreads

Out I'm Ok you're OK What a wonderful title but how disengaged I have been throughout this book. In its presentation I had learned that George from Seinfeld was reading from this book, in one of the ... Read full review

Good insight in human behaviour

User Review  - Janet Quadras - Flipkart

The book provides a good platform to analyse behavior of self and that of people around. After reading the first few chapters you can really start to apply the concepts and you are able to see human ... Read full review

Review: I'm OK - You're OK

User Review  - Urban Sedlar - Goodreads

An eye-opening interpretation of interpersonal relationships; it develops a theory, free of often misunderstood psychological jargon, that anyone should be able to understand in the same manner. The ... Read full review

Excellent book

User Review  - palmeras -

Book content was good. I would reccomend to any want who is seeking for self help. Read full review

must buy!!!

User Review  - Anish Umarjikar - Flipkart

i ordered it for my dad..he used 2 refer this book in his college days...i havnt read it completely yet...but have gone thru many excerpts...its an excellent book 2 understand d ppl around you.not jus ur closed ones but strangers too..a must read every human hels 2 build relations! Read full review

Review: I'm OK - You're OK

User Review  - John - Goodreads

Snopsis, although not mine, of the Book - Over 7 Million sold per Amazon. Transactional Analysis delineates three observable ego-states (Parent, Adult, and Child) as the basis for the content and ... Read full review

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