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Farley Mowat wrote an informative and comforting book about wolves. It teaches you many things , for example that wolves depend on stamina not speed therefore they would rather prey on small animals. If you are a person who enjoys reading books about animals and adventure this is the book for you. Farley tries to change the appearance of wolves from savage beastly animals to animals that just care about family. Never Cry Wolf by Farley Mowat is funny, honest and heartwarming. This book is a fast read but when its over it will leave you wishing for more. This is Julieta from the Fast and Furious.  

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This is a great book.. One that makes you see life on the outside. I always feared the wild wolves until I took the time to read this one. This one man took the time to understand the wolves and made me see the light that wolves are all not that bad and that they are apart of everyday life... Read it great book... 

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