The Celebrity: An Episode (Google eBook)

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American News com- pany, 1897 - 302 pages
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Page 53 - I had all these ideas I gathered knocking about the world, and I gave them to Willis of Philadelphia to put together for me. But he's honest enough not to claim the house. Take, for instance, that minaret business on the west. I picked that up from a mosque in Algiers. The oriel just this side is whole cloth from Haddon Hall, and the gallaried porch next it from a Florentine villa.
Page 281 - I am going to be very generous, I relinquish the prize to you and to you only. And I flatter myself there are not many girls in this world who would do it." "Thank you, Irene," Miss Thorn replied gravely, "much as I want him, I could not think of depriving you." Well, there is a limit to all endurance, and the Celebrity had reached his. "Crocker," he said, "how far is it to the Canadian Pacific?
Page 302 - The Celebrity" may have been the late Mr. Davis; he sounds prophetically like the present Mr. Churchill. Gordon: The Men Who Make Our Novels.
Page 54 - Hall, and the gallaried porch next it from a Florentine villa. The conical capped tower I got from a French chateau, and some of the features on the south from a Buddhist temple in Japan. Only a little blending and grouping necessary, and Willis calls himself an architect, and wasn't equal to it. Now,
Page 42 - ... The thought of trigonometry, physics, and chemistry in a foreign language was more than I could bear. In English, they were difficult enough. But as a compromise to Switzerland and Germany, I suggested Columbia in New York mainly because I wanted to see Harlem. My father wouldn't hear of it. But the more I thought of it, the better I liked the idea myself. I had an overwhelming desire to see Harlem. More than Paris, or the Shakespeare country, or Berlin, or the Alps, I wanted to see Harlem,...
Page 64 - I shall treat the Ten as a whole because they did not materially differ from one another in dress or habits or ambition or general usefulness on this earth .... Likewise the life of any one of the Ten was the life of all, and might be truthfully represented by a single year, since each year was exactly like the preceding. The ordinary year, as is well-known, begins of the first of January .... Theirs began in the Fall with the New York Horse Show.
Page 6 - ... moment, whether he should most love God or the world ? What is the value, what is the beauty, the dignity, and excellence of the creature, if compared with those of the Creator? And as to this world, did not God make it ? Does he not govern it ? Surely then worldly prosperity and promotion can ' come neither from the east nor the west, nor yet from the south, but from God, who putteth down one, and raiseth up another.
Page 277 - Celebrity was standing with his back to Miss Thorn, at the edge of the water. His chin was in the air, and to a casual observer he looked to be minutely interested in a flock of gulls passing over us. And Miss Thorn ? She was enthroned upon a heap of drift-wood, and when I caught sight of her face I forgot the very existence of the police captain. Her lips were parted in a smile. "You are just in time, Irene," she said calmly ;
Page 269 - This was downright generous of Mr. Cooke. We have all, no doubt, drawn our line between what is right and what is wrong, but I have often wondered how many of us with the world's indorsement across our backs trespass as little on the other side of the line as he.
Page 56 - ... that outside some eccentricities in his manner which were little to be noticed, he was perfectly lucid in his mind and sane in his intellect, and spoke absolutely well on all subjects when he was not observed. I attest, moreover, that in my presence the said Louis Riel has been simulating insanity in such a manner as to leave no doubt in my mind as to the character of his pretended insanity.

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