Edward Livingston Youmans, interpreter of science for the people: a sketch of his life, with selections from his published writings and extracts from his correspondence with Spencer, Huxley, Tyndall and others (Google eBook)

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D. Appleton and company, 1894 - Science writers - 597 pages
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Page 600 - ON SOUND : A Course of Eight Lectures delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain.
Page 460 - I keep the subject constantly before me, and wait till the first dawnings open slowly by little and little into a full and clear light.
Page 494 - Extinguished theologians lie about the cradle of every science as the strangled snakes beside that of Hercules; and history recalls that whenever science and orthodoxy have been fairly opposed, the latter has been forced to retire from the lists, bleeding and crushed, if not annihilated; scotched, if not slain.
Page 590 - That not to know at large of things remote From use, obscure and subtle, but to know That which before us lies in daily life, Is the prime wisdom...
Page 442 - For many years it has been one of my constant regrets, that no schoolmaster of mine had a knowledge of natural history, so far at least as to have taught me the grasses that grow by the wayside, and the little winged and wingless neighbors that are continually meeting me, with a salutation which I cannot answer, as things are...
Page 425 - We are born into a world which we have not made ; a world whose phenomena take place according to fixed laws, of which we do not bring any knowledge into the world with us. In such a world we are appointed to live, and in it all our work is to be done. Our whole working power depends on knowing the laws of the world in other words, the properties of the things which we have to work with, and to work among, and to work upon. We may and do rely, for the greater part of this knowledge, on the few...
Page 521 - The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly, is to fill the world with fools.
Page 603 - Cloth, $1.25. THE VARIOUS CONTRIVANCES BY WHICH ORCHIDS ARE FERTILIZED BY INSECTS. Revised edition, with Illustrations. 12mo. Cloth, $1.75.
Page 550 - The notion that truths external to the mind may be I'' known by intuition or consciousness, independently of observation and experience, is, I am persuaded, in these times, the great intellectual support of false doctrines and bad institutions.

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