Cryptography, Information Theory, and Error-Correction: A Handbook for the 21st Century (Google eBook)

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John Wiley & Sons, Sep 28, 2011 - Mathematics - 496 pages
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Discover the first unified treatment of today's most essentialinformation technologies— Compressing, Encrypting, andEncoding

With identity theft, cybercrime, and digital file sharingproliferating in today's wired world, providing safe and accurateinformation transfers has become a paramount concern. The issuesand problems raised in this endeavor are encompassed within threedisciplines: cryptography, information theory, anderror-correction. As technology continues to develop, these fieldshave converged at a practical level, increasing the need for aunified treatment of these three cornerstones of the informationage.

Stressing the interconnections of the disciplines, Cryptography,Information Theory, and Error-Correction offers a complete, yetaccessible account of the technologies shaping the 21st century.This book contains the most up-to-date, detailed, and balancedtreatment available on these subjects. The authors draw on theirexperience both in the classroom and in industry, giving the book'smaterial and presentation a unique real-world orientation.

With its reader-friendly style and interdisciplinary emphasis,Cryptography, Information Theory, and Error-Correction serves asboth an admirable teaching text and a tool for self-learning. Thechapter structure allows for anyone with a high school mathematicseducation to gain a strong conceptual understanding, and provideshigher-level students with more mathematically advanced topics. Theauthors clearly map out paths through the book for readers of alllevels to maximize their learning.

This book:

  • Is suitable for courses in cryptography, information theory, orerror-correction as well as courses discussing all three areas
  • Provides over 300 example problems with solutions
  • Presents new and exciting algorithms adopted by industry
  • Discusses potential applications in cell biology
  • Details a new characterization of perfect secrecy
  • Features in-depth coverage of linear feedback shift registers(LFSR), a staple of modern computing
  • Follows a layered approach to facilitate discussion, withsummaries followed by more detailed explanations
  • Provides a new perspective on the RSA algorithm

Cryptography, Information Theory, and Error-Correction is anexcellent in-depth text for both graduate and undergraduatestudents of mathematics, computer science, and engineering. It isalso an authoritative overview for IT professionals, statisticians,mathematicians, computer scientists, electrical engineers,entrepreneurs, and the generally curious.


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AIDEN A. BRUEN, PHD, is a Professor of Mathematics and Statisticsat the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He hasover 100 published articles in refereed journals and has served formany years on the Editorial Board of Designs, Codes andCryptography. His research interests include error-correctingcodes, number theory, algebraic geometry, algebra finitegeometries, information theory, and cryptography.

MARIO A. FORCINITO, PHD, is a professional engineer with overten years' experience as an industrial consultant. He is Presidentof SUR Consultants in Engineering Science Inc., a member of theIEEE Computer Society, and has published extensively inpeer-reviewed journals. Dr. Forcinito has experience lecturing oncryptography and numerical methods at several technicalmeetings.

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