Indian insect pests (Google eBook)

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Office of the Superintendent of Government Printing, India, 1906 - India - 318 pages
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Page 11 - nothing to those of insect life, his senses weaker, his sociology and conduct of life far inferior to that of the social insect, and he himself comparatively lacking in the exhibition of altruism and right conduct shown by
Page 69 - Birds are the fluctuating check on insect life, the safety valve as it were ; they congregate where they find insects, regardless of their species or habits, and constantly consume the superfluous and superabundant insect life.
Page 291 - are inserted only when the bag is used alone ; when the bag is attached to the frame these bamboos are removed and the tags of cloth knotted to the frame, so that the bag can be at once removed and twisted up. In place of bamboo, strips of wood may
Page 290 - To make a bag and frame with opening of four feet by two feet. Sufficient strips of cloth are taken, each fourteen feet long, sewn together by their long edges to make a piece fourteen feet by six feet. The two ends are then brought together and
Page 11 - in actual numbers or bulk, in the sum total of their activities, they outweigh all other forms of animal life at present on the earth.
Page 98 - skin and grows larger. It then continues feeding upon the leaf; as a rule it turns the edge of the leaf over in a fold and binds it down with silken threads, living safely within this fold. As it grows larger, it binds more and more folds together, forming a kind of nest of rolled leaf in which it feeds.
Page 282 - A large number of birds are wholly insectivorous, a large number are partly so, and every one of these deserves protection and encouragement.
Page 173 - of fruit flies is generally as follows: the female lays eggs in the tissue of the fruit, piercing the rind by means of

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