An Illustrated History of the State of Iowa: Being a Complete Civil, Political, and Military History of the State from Its First Exploration Down to 1875 ... (Google eBook)

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R.S. Peale, 1876 - Iowa - 732 pages
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Page 340 - States, but to defend and maintain the supremacy of the Constitution, and to preserve the Union with all the dignity, equality, and rights of the several States unimpaired; and that as soon as these objects are accomplished the war ought to cease.
Page 358 - ... receipts during the previous year, the cost of repairs and incidental expenses, the net amount of profits, and the dividends made, with such other facts as may be necessary to a full statement of the affairs and condition of such road; and the auditor shall incorporate an abstract thereof in his annual report to the general assembly.
Page 169 - Mississippi; thence by the middle of the channel of that river to a parallel of latitude passing through the mouth of the Mankato or Blue Earth River; thence west along the said parallel of latitude to a point where it is intersected by a meridian line, seventeen degrees and thirty minutes west of the meridian of Washington City; thence due south to the northern boundary line of the State of Missouri...
Page 154 - Des Moines River, thence up the said river Des Moines, in the middle of the main channel thereof, to a point where it is intersected by the Old Indian Boundary line, or line run by John C. Sullivan, in the year 1816; thence westwardly along said line to the "old" northwest corner of Missouri...
Page 110 - Iowa," was approved June 12, 1838, to take effect and be in force on and after July 3, 1838. The new Territory embraced "all that part of the present Territory of Wisconsin which lies west of the Mississippi River, and west of a line drawn due north from the head water or sources of the Mississippi to the territorial line.
Page 176 - River according to Nicollet's map enters the same; thence down the middle of the main channel of said river to the middle of the main channel of the Mississippi River; thence down the middle of the main channel of said river to the place of beginning.
Page 15 - Cherokee, Chickasaw, Clarke, Clay, Clayton, Clinton, Crawford, Dallas, Davis, Decatur, Delaware, Des Moines, Dickinson, Dubuque, Emmet, Fayette, Floyd, Franklin, Fremont, Greene, Grundy, Guthrie, Hamilton, Hancock, Hardin, Harrison, Henry...
Page 139 - An act to attach the territory of the United States west of the Mississippi river and north of the State of Missouri to the Territory of Michigan...
Page 81 - After his death he was dressed in the uniform presented to him by the President while in Washington. He was buried in a grave six feet in depth, situated upon a beautiful eminence. "The body was placed in the middle of the grave, in a sitting posture, upon a seat constructed for the purpose. On his left side, the cane, given him by Henry Clay, was placed upright, with his right hand resting upon it. Many of the old warrior's trophies were placed in the grave, and some Indian garments, together with...
Page 408 - ... expended. However much our people disagree upon other subjects, they are practically united upon this. The opposition of wealth has long since ceased to exist, and our wealthy men are usually the most liberal in their views and the most active friends of popular education. They are often found upon our school boards, and usually make the best of school officers. It is not uncommon for Boards of Directors, especially in the larger towns and cities, to be composed wholly of men who represent the...

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