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Playing dead is so overrated. I believe that it is effective only when a mother bear is defending her cubs AND the cubs run AWAY FROM THE VICTIM. If the kids run up a nearby tree, or follow the mother in imitating her attack, playing dead will get you dead.
In predatory attacks, kill defense attacks, territorial attacks, playing dead effectiveness ranges for low to none. Be preprared, defend yourself, and that ain't easy. People around bears, who deal with bears prefer a gun, many going as far as called spray useless. But the gun must be a heavy duty caliber, with a heavy shot AND you must be able to use it properly.
If you come across an angry bear, unless you can, in a split second, decide what type of attack, sorry, but chances are you are gonna get hurt, so fight like a son of a bitch.

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I haven't had a chance to read the entire book yet, but the story on Pages 91-94 is about my family.
I can remember when i was young my parents used to tell my sister and me about it - since it
happened years before we were born. We had more family that lived in Brimley and we would go up for vacations. I can still remember driving up into the forest to see where my Aunt and Uncle used to live - where the attack took place. We were very young, but I can still see the Indian Burial grounds that were close by - everything was dirt roads and surrounded by forest. All that was left was a clearing where the cabin used to be and tall watch tower that i think my Uncle would use to watch for fires.
I remember my mom used to say that Carol Ann was playing on the back porch with a doll she had sent her when the bear attacked. I've never really heard or read all the details. Though gruesome, sad and terrifying for my aunt, I'm glad I finally got to hear the whole story.
Sue Marvin

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