Basketball For Dummies

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John Wiley & Sons, Mar 16, 2011 - Sports & Recreation - 432 pages
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Basketball is the most popular participatory sport in the United States. As simple as the game often seems—throwing a ball through a hoop—there are many aspects of the game that go unnoticed. But with Basketball For Dummies, Second Edition, you’ll get the inside scoop on hoops.

Whether you’re a player, a fan, or a coach, Basketball For Dummies, Second Edition will get you better acquainted to the game, so you can play it better, coach it smarter, or appreciate it more as a spectator.

Former Notre Dame head coach Digger Phelps begins with the fundamentals and quickly moves up court from there. From playing a pick-up game to watching March Madness on TV to the excitement of the NBA Playoffs, Phelps has come up with a game plan that shows you how to have fun with the game, while you become familiar with it. By the final buzzer, you’ll have pulled down pointers on how to play the game, how to look good on the court, how to coach it, how to watch it, ho w to strategize, and even how to talk trash on the playground.

Within these pages, you’ll also discover how to:

  • Suit up for the court
  • Get into basketball shape
  • Play effective offense and defense
  • Use signature moves from NBA greats
  • Shoot quality free-throws
  • Join fantasy leagues and get great stuff online
From the basics to the latest coaching drills and techniques, this friendly reference offers you expert advice on the plays, strategies, and moves on and off the court—from high school to college hoops, to the WNBA, and beyond.

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Review: Basketball For Dummies

User Review  - David Barney - Goodreads

simply but effective Read full review

Review: Basketball For Dummies

User Review  - Shazaib Maqsood - Goodreads

Basketball for dummies.The author is Richard "digger" Phelps.the main purpose of this book is to guide you how to play basketball.the book goes in very details about how to play basketball the proper ... Read full review


Notre Dame
Digger the Fan
How to Use This Book
The Fanfare of Basketball
Where to Go from Here
Part I
Gotta win by two
We got next
No free throws
Even baskets with nylon nets and rectangular backboards
An adjoining gym
Padding on the basket support
Northsouth orientation if outdoors
Pickup Shooting Games

Chapter 1
The Object of the Game Simplified
Basketball requires very little equipment
Youre home by supper
The game flows
Fun for boys and girls everywhere
Dont Become a TunnelVision Fan
Chapter 2
The Where of Basketball
School yards or playgrounds
Community centers
Where the Best Players Come From
Chapter 3
The Court
The free throw lane and free throw line
The threepoint arc
The Game
The shot clock
Ten seconds
Fouling out
Offensive fouls
Nonfoul Violations
Every League for Itself
Chapter 4
Free throws
Field goals
Three and fourpoint plays
The official scorer
Other Statistics Worth Watching
Turnovers not the cherry kind
Blocked shots
Bench scoring
Points off turnovers
Part II
Chapter 5
Putting a 9inch ball through an 18inch hoop
Diggers Five Keys to Shooting
Shoot with your knees
Grab the rim
Perfecting the Free Throw
Taking the pressure shot
The Five Areas to Shoot From
Under the basket the layup or dunk
The top of the key the threepointer
The right or left wing
The baby jumper
Shooting Drills
Drills with a defender
Players to Emulate
Chapter 6
Point guard alias Ball Handler
Shooting guard alias TwoGuard
Power forward alias The Enforcer or FourSpot
Center alias The Big Man
Playing to Your Strength
The pass
The giveandgo
The pick and roll
The back door
Backscreen to alleyoop
Being Alert The World Needs Lerts on Offense
MantoMan Offense
Zone Offense
Playing against a 23 zone
Getting the ball inside against a zone
Fast Break Offense
The threeman weave drill
Press Offense
Breaking HalfCourt Traps
Chapter 7
Playing with Your Head
Playing with Your Feet
Onthediagonal drill
The three stages of an offensive players possession
The first day of practice
Defense is TEAM defense
Playing guard in a mantoman defense
Playing forward in a mantoman defense
Playing center in a mantoman defense
Playing post defense
To switch or not to switch?
Defending the pick and roll
Diggers switching rule
The Last Word on MantoMan
Zone Defense
Types of zone defenses
Meet the Press
The trap press
Defending the break
Chapter 8
A Glossary
The Team Concept of Rebounding
Defensive Rebounding
Using your time wisely
Gaining leverage
Offensive Rebounding
Rebounding Drills
Oneonone rebounding drill
Manhattan drill
Fourplayer fullcourt rebounding drill
Great Rebounders to Emulate
The greatest college rebounding teams
Chapter 9
Playing Center
Breaking contact with the defender
Moves for a Center
The drop step
Power move through the hoop
The crossover move
Pass to the open player
The pick and roll
Moves for a ThreePoint Shooter
LastSecond Plays
Diggers tips on lastsecond plays
That is the question
Preparing for the Big Game
Figure out which matchups are in your favor
Run special drills for what your opponent does best
Part III
Chapter 10
Anticipate the next pass
Avoid Cartervision
Watch the officials
Following a Game on the Radio
Following Your Team on the Internet aka Cyberspace Jam
Subscribing to Magazines and Other Publications
Watching Your Child Play
Participating in Fantasy Leagues
Putting together your fantasy team
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
The Traits of Pickup Basketball
Other pickup basketball customs and terms
Gentlemans Rules of Pickup Basketball
Around the World
Pickup Game Variations
Chapter 13
Where Its At
High School Confidential
Style of play
Offtherack coaching wardrobes
What Kids Can Do
What Coaches Can Do
What Parents Can Do
From the Prom to the Pros
Chapter 14
Cinderella stories
The NCAA and Other Governing Bodies
A lesson in geography?
Team Size
Minority coaches on the rise
How the Game Has Changed Since 1975
Threeguard offenses
Where have all the centers gone?
A 64team field
Players turning pro
The smaller ball
Upgrades to the game
The top college women players of all time
Tennessee and U Conn
Does Great College Player Great NBA Player?
Chapter 15
The NBA Has Come a Long Way
What is it?
Player salaries and league rankings
19992000 highest paid players
Coaching in the NBA
Summer scheduling
Minor League Professional Basketball
United States Basketball League USBL
The Harlem Globetrotters
Chapter 16
Winning at the 1960 Olympics
Touring American college teams
Dream Team I
The NBA Goes International
International Players Infuse the US College Ranks
Its a Different Game
International Influence on the American Game
Outside shooting by big men
A more perimeteroriented game
American Influence on the International Game
Why the Rest of the World Has Caught Up to the United States
International Basketball Tournaments
The European Championships
Chapter 17
Picking Your Teams Wisely
Inseason publications
USA Today tournament preview
Internet sites
Player experience
Coaching experience
Conference tourney success
Whos hot whos not
The importance of seeding
Physical teams
Teams on a mission
The charismatic leader factor
Try to remember that time in December
Part IV
Chapter 18
Be yourself
Know your opponent
Give everyone a job description
I Diagram Plays Therefore I Coach
You Cant Grow Corn in the Desert
Timeblocking your season
Prime Cram Time
Postgame Situations
Keeping Things in Perspective
Post the front page not the sports page in the locker room
Chapter 19
Its Never Too Early
KidSized Hoops
Not from Your Mouth
Dont watch the ball as you dribble
Teaching Passing
The three basic passes
Passing drills
Nodribble scrimmage
You have to start somewhere
The next step
Teaching Defense
Guarding a player without the ball
Practice schedule first week
100 Participation
Chapter 20
Reasons for Getting Fit
To increase athletic performance
Run on Your Own Before You Run with a Team
Strength Training for Basketball
Strengthening the back
Strengthening the chest
Strengthening the shoulders
Strengthening the arms
Strengthening the abdominals
Strengthening the legs
Stretching Your Body
Fuel for the Body
Preventing dehydration
Part V
Chapter 21
Texas Western 72 Kentucky 65
Notre Dame 71 UCLA 70
Soviet Union 51 United States 50
Soviet Union 82 United States 76
Los Angeles Lakers 123 Philadelphia 76ers 107
Chapter 22
Wilt Chamberlain
Magic Johnson
Oscar Robertson
Appendix A
Appendix B
3man weave to layup
Secondary break shooting drill
30second shooting drill
Two line shooting drill
Defensive Drills
Backdoor drills offense and defense
Team defense drill
Defensive rotation drill
Defending the screen drill
8player rebounding drill
Perimeter shooting drill

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About the author (2011)

Richard "Digger" Phelps coached the University of Notre Dame to more wins than any basketball coach in the school's history. John Walters is a writer for Sports Illustrated. Tim Bourret is the Sports Information Director at Clemson University.

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