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My father showed me this book.It's great!

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This book is full of scientific evidence for evolution and natural selection. It argues for evolution in a polite and reasonable manner that is backed up by direct evidence of what the book states. I highly recommend this book to all people of science.

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I hope now no will ever have to see this book; It is filled with bogus statements like, "Natural selection," and, "Servile of the fittest." If you are not atheist then do not read, I can not express this enough.

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One of the top three books of scientific theory to date. I am hard pressed to find a rival outside of possibly Newton Prncipia.

The BIBLE of Biology

User Review  - Preyas Pandya - Flipkart

A must have for every biology student. Charles Darwin has been an inspiration for aspiring biologists like me and several others. This book is a high level book and include all the meticulously researched and proven principles of evolution as suggested by Sir Charles Darwin. Amazing Book! Read full review

A Work of Genius and Intensive Labour

User Review  - Diksha Kale - Flipkart

Charles Darwin faced hell for writing the most revolutionary book in the history of biology. But after finishing this book, I am sure he felt it was all worth it. Mind you, this is not a coffee table ... Read full review

Review: On the Origin of Species: The Illustrated Edition

User Review  - Goodreads

Wednesday 17th September 2014 arrived today. I purchased this book after reading 'The Signature of All Things' by Elizabeth Gilbert and it is a book I am currently reading (well dipping in and out of) So glad to have a copy of this probably mainly used for reference but love it all the same Read full review

Review: On the Origin of Species

User Review  - Kathy - Goodreads

Darwin's seminal work deals with deeply controversial theological and political ideas and must be read as serious philosophical text. The idea of natural selection implies that people and other ... Read full review

Review: The Origin of Species

User Review  - Goodreads

The first impression is awkward; it looks like a dejavu, since I have read much of the argument line in other text. Nevertheless, this is the source, not the plagiarist. All in all, it is a very pleasant and striking reading. Read full review

Review: On the Origin of Species

User Review  - Dorian West - Goodreads

It is without a doubt one of the most important scientific books ever published. The ideas present within shaped the way we think about biology and our own origins. However it is incredibly dry and ... Read full review

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