The Čechs (Bohemians) in America: A Study of Their National, Cultural, Political, Social, Economic and Religious Life (Google eBook)

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Houghton Mifflin, 1920 - Czech Americans - 293 pages
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The emigration of the Czechs to America and their cultural gifts to the new nation.

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Page 9 - Virginia and Maryland As it is Planted and Inhabited this present Year 1670 Surveyed and Exactly Drawne by the Only Labour & Endeavour of Augustin Herrman Bohemiensis.
Page 23 - Pennsylvania, from 1791 to 1801, when he was appointed United States District Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.
Page 276 - Czecho-Slovak national interests and as the present trustee of the future Czecho-Slovak Government to exercise supreme authority over this allied and belligerent army.
Page 216 - The time will come if it is not already at hand when impressionist Horky will repent having published his pamphlet, Dyrich's Nation and Benes' Public (52 pp., New York, 1917).
Page 161 - You are returning now to your native land, which is to-day, we all rejoice to say, again a free and independent country. May you contribute to her life that stamina which you so conspicuously manifested through all your trying experiences in Russia and Siberia, and may you keep in mind after your return, as you had kept in mind heretofore, that the laws of God, the laws of man, and the laws of nature require systematic order and cool counsel for their proper application and development, and for the...
Page 276 - In consideration of its efforts to achieve independence, Great Britain regards the Czechoslovaks as an Allied nation, and recognizes the unity of the three Czechoslovak armies as an Allied and belligerent army waging regular warfare against Austria-Hungary and Germany.
Page 164 - Slavic Youth in America, and Anton Eisner, in St. Louis, a Reminder of the Fatherland. The two lastnamed publications, however, were reprints. largely, to a lack of a purchasing public. August Geringer in Chicago, John Rosicky in Omaha, Anton Novak in Milwaukee, and Charles JonaS in Racine published quite a number of books and might have published more if the public had shown more appreciation in buying them. A New York bookseller, on being asked what class of people purchased Cech books, replied:...
Page 60 - Providence, RI Richmond, Va Rochester, NY St. Louis, Mo St. Paul, Minn San Francisco, Cal Scranton, Pa Seattle, Wash...
Page 21 - Neisser, George. A list of the Bohemian and Moravian emigrants to Saxony; collected from various sources in print and manuscript, begun and completed at New York from June 2 to July 20, 1772.
Page 37 - Is no imprisonment for debt, and a large amount of property is exempt from sale or seizure on account of debt. In Wisconsin religious freedom is absolute, and there is not the slightest connection between church and state. This matter is left entirely to the individual desires of the people. In Wisconsin no religious qualification is necessary for office or to constitute a voter; all that is required is for the man to be 21 years old and to have lived in the state one year...

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