The Greek Anthology, Volume 2 (Google eBook)

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Harvard University Press, 1919 - English poetry
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Page 523 - This book is a preservation photocopy. It was produced on Hammermill Laser Print natural white, a 60 # book weight acid-free archival paper which meets the requirements of ANSI/NISO Z39.48-1992 (permanence of paper) Preservation photocopying and binding by Acme Bookbinding Charlestown, Massachusetts CD 1995 The borrower must return this item on or before the last date stamped below.
Page 522 - ST. JOHN DAMASCENE: BARLAAM AND IOASAPH. Trans, by the Rev. GR Woodward and Harold Mattingly. STRABO : GEOGRAPHY. Trans, by Horace L. Jones.
Page 521 - OVID : METAMORPHOSES. Trans, -by FJ Miller. 2 Vols. PETRONIUS. Trans, by M. Heseltine ; SENECA : APOCOLOCYNTOSIS.
Page 522 - CALLIMACHUS AND LYCOPHRON, trans, by AW Mair, and ARATUS, trans, by GR Mair. CLEMENT OF ALEXANDRIA. Trans, by Rev. GW Butterworth. DAPHNIS AND CHLOE. Thornley's Translation revised by JM Edmonds ; and PARTHENIUS. Trans, by S. Gaselee.
Page 521 - SENECA: EPISTULAE MORALES. Trans, by RM Gummere. 3 Vols. Vols. I and II. SENECA : TRAGEDIES. Trans, by FJ Miller. 2 Vols. SUETONIUS. Trans, by JC Rolfe. 2 Vols, (ind Impression.) TACITUS : DIALOGUS.
Page 522 - GALEN : ON THE NATURAL FACULTIES. Trans, by AJ Brock. THE GREEK ANTHOLOGY. Trans, by WR Paton. 5 Vols.
Page 521 - THE LOEB CLASSICAL LIBRARY VOLUMES ALREADY PUBLISHED LATIN AUTHORS APULEIUS. THE GOLDEN ASS (METAMORPHOSES). Trans, by W. Adlington (1566). Revised by S. Gaselee. (<ith Impression.) AULUS GELLIUS. Trans, by JC Rolfe. 3 Vols. AUSONIUS. Trans, by HG Evelyn White. 2 Vols.
Page 521 - Impression.) CICERO: DE FINIBUS. Trans. by H. Rackham. CICERO : DE OFFICIIS. Trans. by Walter Miller. CICERO: LETTERS TO ATTICUS. Trans. by EO Winstedt. 3 Vols.
Page 227 - Attic,1 but lies in Syria, gave birth to me. From Eucrates I sprung, Meleager, who first by the help of the Muses ran abreast of the Graces of Menippus.2 If I am a Syrian, what wonder? Stranger, we dwell in one country, the world ; one Chaos gave birth to all mortals.
Page 521 - LIBRARY. VOLUMES ALREADY PUBLISHED Latin Authors. APULEIUS. The Golden Ass (Metamorphoses.) Trans, by W. Adlington (1566). Revised by S. Gaselee, (znti Impression.) AUSONIUS. Trans, by HG Evelyn White. 2 Vols.

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