Romania & Moldova

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Lonely Planet, 2004 - Počet stran: 376
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Enjoy picturesque castles in Dracula's homeland, breathtaking vistas in the Carpathian mountains, dynamic nightlife in stylish Bucharest and sun-drenched coastal resorts on the Black Sea. Get under the skin of Romania and Moldova with our compelling guide, the only one to cover both countries.

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Not really current - but there aren't any that are

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This book is a few years old - but it's also the latest one on Romania that Lonely Planet sells on their own website. I bought it here for less. Romania doesn't have a lot of guidebooks...Lonely ... Přečíst celou recenzi

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Kokker is a writer from Montreal, Canada who used his degrees in psychology to work as a counsellor. He now works as a writer and independent video maker whose documentaries have been screened in international film festivals.

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