Clinical lectures on certain diseases of the the urinary organs and on dropsies (Google eBook)

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Blanchard and Lea, 1857 - 283 pages
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Page 250 - opium may be given in the form of an enema injected into the rectum. About half a drachm of laudanum, mixed with a small quantity of decoction of starch, of which not more than an ounce and a half, or two ounces, should be employed, may be gently injected into the rectum.
Page 75 - duty not to neglect any means of observation and investigation, it is desirable that you should be as little as possible dependent on means which are not always at hand, and which it does not fall to the lot of every eye and hand to use with
Page 112 - sufficient quantity of fluid to fill the chest and compress the lung. I dare not digress into this interesting and important field of inquiry, but must content myself with stating my belief that the proneness to liquid effusion in the one case, and the absence of it in the other, is due to a difference in the physical constitution of the blood, which in the
Page 253 - forming a considerable projection beneath the abdominal wall. This tumor, which was three times the ordinary bulk of the kidney, was elastic and yielding to the touch, and communicated the sensation of a soft elastic swelling filled with fluid,
Page 253 - hospital she was suddenly attacked with retention of urine, which lasted twenty-four hours ; and immediately after its cessation she first began to notice in the urine a sediment, which presented
Page 91 - and varied in size from that of a pin's head to that of a walnut. The
Page 271 - gives to both rheumatic fever and gout what I may call the shifting character, which in both diseases is most perilous, but in the latter especially so; and when you find the tendency to shift already existing in a case, depend upon it that the asthénie condition of the patient is that which demands your earliest attention.
Page 213 - kidney, in which a large portion of the organ is wasted and its structure condensed—a condition which, while it may also occur in other states of
Page 211 - A knowledge of the real nature of gout, and of its kindred malady, rheumatism, is, in my opinion, at the very foundation of all sound pathology.
Page 171 - which our patient had suffered. Reviewing, then, the whole case, we may sum up thus : that the primary cardiac affection consisted in a rheumatic endocarditis, which narrowed the aperture of communication between the auricle and ventricle, and thus obstructed the passage of the blood into the ventricle, throwing it back upon the lungs, causing pulmonary

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