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Better than the BEST!

User Review  - Puneet Sumal - Flipkart

I cannot even put in words how amazingly wonderful this book is. Scarlett's journey of life becomes your journey and you never want this journey to end. Each and every emotion is depicted so well that ... Read full review

Wonderful Reader

User Review  - ReaderBreeder - Walmart

A more in depth look at the story than the movie portrays. If you thought the movie was good then you will be captivated by the book. Read full review

A Must Read for Anyone With a Conscience

User Review  - Aishwarya Balwani - Flipkart

With Scarlett O'Hara,one of literature's most well known personalities, as it's lead protagonist, Gone With The Wind lives upto all the hype that surrounds it,as one of the greatest love stories ever ... Read full review

Review: Gone with the Wind

User Review  - Daveandrobin - Goodreads

Everyone should devote time to reading the 1,000 page plus classic book. Best book ever!!! Read full review

Review: Gone with the Wind

User Review  - Chandra Arkema - Goodreads

Don't assume you can pass this book by because you've seen the movie. This book is amazing and heart-wrenching. One of all-time faves. Read full review

Review: Gone with the Wind

User Review  - Marissa - Goodreads

Absolutely amazing! Read full review


User Review  - Jaykumar Buddhdev - Flipkart

This seminal work is not only a study of a culture that is lost and a war that has destroyed the very roots of a society but it is also the story of creation and destruction, of preservation and extinction and most importantly of growth and maturity and loss. Read full review


User Review  - Shobhit Bhatnagar - Flipkart

Awesome characterization, If you want to understand women(although it is impossible) it gives you great insights to the different facets of character of a woman. Margaret has evolved the characters ... Read full review

Pure magic

User Review  - Jacob Roshan - Flipkart

dont and read. not the fastest of starts but the most captivating middle and the most most most amazing ending :)margaaaret mitchel simple has to be one of the all time best for this ... Read full review

Exciting even after 75Years!

User Review  - Shreya Dutta - Flipkart

The drama, intensity and passion of the writer takes you through the tough times of the yesteryears' love story with such ease that it would want to make you turn back time! Hats off to Flipkart for excellent delivery with good book condition and very secure packing. Read full review

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