Elias: An Epic of the Ages (Google eBook)

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Knickerbocker Press, 1904 - Mormon Church - 162 pages
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Page 31 - Saviour yet must send, Lo, here am I send me ! I ask, I seek no recompense, Save that which then were mine ; Mine be the willing sacrifice, The endless glory, Thine ! " Give me to lead to this lorn world, When wandered from the fold, Twelve legions of the noble ones That now thy face behold ; Tried souls, 'mid untried spirits found; That captained these may be, And crowned the dispensations all With powers of Deity.
Page 35 - Voice would recognize; For minds upborne by hollow pride, Or dimmed by sordid lust, Ne'er look for kings in beggar's garb For diamonds in the dust. He wept o'er doomed Jerusalem, Her temples, walls and towers; O'er palaces where recreant priests Usurped unhallowed powers. " I am the Way of Life and Light!
Page 30 - O'er countless kokaubeam ; And faintest tinge, the fiery fringe Of that resplendent day, 'Lumined the dark abysmal realm Where earth in chaos lay. Silence self -spelled; the hour was one When thought doth most avail; Of worlds unborn the destiny Hung trembling in the scale. Silence o'er all, and there arose, Those kings and priests among, A Power sublime, than whom appeared None nobler 'mid the throng. A stature mingling strength with grace, Of meek...
Page 36 - He taught. O bane of damning unbelief! Thou source of lasting strife ! Thou stumbling-stone, thou barrier 'thwart The gates of Endless Life ! O love of self and Mammon's lust ! Twin portals to Despair Where Bigotry, the blinded bat, Flaps through the midnight air! Through these, gloom-wrapt...
Page 71 - The Old World, not the New, this soil misnamed; Cradle of man and grave of nations vast, Whose glory, wealth, and wisdom had outfamed The mightiest of known empires, present, past; The land where Adam dwelt, where Eden cast Forth from her flaming gate the fateful pair Who fell that man might be ; a fall still chaste, Albeit they sinned, descending death's dread stair To fling life's ladder down, Love's work and way prepare.
Page 78 - Usurping treason seized the civic helm, Wrong trampled right, and justice, judgment, fled. Then strife, division, hosts to battle led ; The prophets, mocked, lift warning voice in vain ; A blood-soaked continent, a sea of dead, And of that mighty nation, fallen, self-slain, A prophet and a king, a solitary twain. That prophet saw the coming of the Lord Unto the Old, the New, Jerusalem ; Saw Israel returning at His word From wheresoe'er His will had scattered them; The realm's wide ruin saw, and strove...
Page 12 - mid glittering show ? To sit in highest seat is that to shine ? Largeness or littleness, or high or low, Has but to breathe, and straightway he is known. What speech conceals, the spirit manifests. Fame, place, power, title, find a proper use, And rightfully demand all reverence due ; But envy not the empty lot of him Who, winning without merit, wins in vain.
Page 69 - The God of freedom, God of justice, swore No tyrant should this chosen land defile ; And nations here, that for a season bore The palm of power, must righteous be the while, Or ruin's avalanche ruin on ruin pile.
Page 70 - O'er fallen Lucifer, the generous stream Of grief half quenched the joy of victory. Mark how the annals of the ages teem With repetition! Time, eternity, The same have taught; but few, alas!
Page 82 - Rocks, boulders, bills, no Titan strength could lift, Hurtle as pebbles in the storm-fiend's play. Earth opes her jaws, and through the yawning rift, Cities, peoples, vanish, of hope, of life, bereft. Three hours of tempest and three days of night ; Thick darkness, thunder-burst, and lightning flash ; Millions engulfed, millions in prostrate plight, Grovelling as slaves that feel or fear the...

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