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An excellent book. Born in India I really enjoyed reading this book.
Many thanks to Mr. John Keay
T. Ramachandran.

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I have always been a lover of India & Indian cultures ... I appreciate this book for enabling me to understand and explore the dawn of my culture from the Harappans till the Republican India! John Keay really treats History in such a way that his narration sounds like a clasical thriller epic with a notion of casual-ness that never ever reminds us that we are reading history but a narration of something very magnificent! I love this book alot! 

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Just picked up this book after a lot of deliberation about the 'most concise but still detailed' book on India history. Loved the book. Not only the book deals in multi-disciplinary approach to history, the narration holds the readers attention throughout. If you ignore the dates, you might end up thinking you are reading a thriller!
The author's narration is unbiased and delves into the right details about most aspects. The references sighted and personality details of the historical figures and other colleague hitorians is enlightening and occassionally humorous.
Very nice read if what you are looking for a single-volume book on Indian history covering in details all matters of importance.

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The so called 'Aryan Invasion' again! - again with this bull shit. It never ends. No need to read this book, there are books written by Indians in englich that you could read (the ones who are not communists that is!)

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