A Manual of the Reformed Church in America (formerly Ref. Prot. Dutch Church). 1628-1902 (Google eBook)

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Board of publication of the Reformed church in America, 1902 - Reformed church in America - 1082 pages
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Page 682 - to the millions of Pagans, to the followers of the false prophet, to the Jews or the Gentiles, to Catholics or Protestants. Send me, in fine, wherever God opens an effectual door. Send me, for necessity is laid upon me: yea. woe is unto me. if I preach not the gospel to the perishing heathen.
Page 80 - and to secure them and their successors in the free exercise and enjoyment of all their civil and religious rights appertaining unto them in manner aforesaid as our loving subjects, and to preserve to them and their successors that liberty of worshiping God according to the constitutions and directions of the Reformed
Page 81 - on the behalfe, and for the best benefite, and behoofe of the said Minister, Elders, and Deacons of the reformed protestant Dutch Church in the city of New Yorke, and their Successours, although express menc.on of the true yearly value or certainty of the premises or of
Page 199 - There is that scattereth and yet increaseth; and there is that withholdeth more than is meet, but it tendeth to poverty.
Page 60 - aforesaid as often as any of them shall happen to bee void."* "And wee doe by these presents will, require and command you to take all possible care for the Discountenance of Vice and encouragement of Virtue and good living, that by such example the Infidels may bee invited and desire to partake of the Christian Religion."
Page 576 - days in an unconscious state, he died. His was the greatness of goodness. "I would express him, simple, grave, sincere, In doctrine uncorrupt; in language plain, And plain in manner; decent, solemn, chaste. And natural in gesture; much impressed Himself, as conscious of his awful charge. And anxious mainly that the flocks he feeds May feel it too; affectionate in look, And tender in address, as well
Page 59 - within yor Government without giving them any disturbance or disquiet whatsoever for or by reason of their differing Opinions in matters of Religion, Provided they give noe disturbance to ye publick peace, nor doe molest or disquiet others in ye free Exercise of their Religion." Such Instructions, coming from the Catholic James,
Page 738 - here, engaged in his profession, the claims of the heathen were brought vividly before his mind in a peculiar manner. In professional attendance on a lady, while in the ante-room, he took up a tract whose title was, "The Conversion of the World; or, The Claims of Six Hundred Millions, and the Ability and Duty of the Churches Respecting Them.
Page 783 - one that he ever made to the infirmity of peccant boyhood was to witness some of the milder doings with hand-covered mouth and twinkling eye. "For when he gazed upon the festive train, It was but as some melancholy star Beholds the dance of shepherds on the plain, In its bright stillness present, though afar.
Page 55 - question for any difference in opinion or matter of religious concernment, who do nott actually disturbe the civill peace of the province, butt thatt all' and every such person or p'sons may, from time, and at all times freely have and fully enjoy, his or her judgments or consciences in matters of

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