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I'm sorry, but this is fair and balanced. The media doesn't agree, because even Fox news is slightly liberal now. Schoolbooks are filled with lies, and no one knows any different. Thank you, because not only is this book great, but if you don't agree, go check the tens of thousands of citings and sources! 

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Sometimes the title of a book tells you enough to decide whether you should bother to read it. This is one. So you should thank the authors for how they named the book. You needn't read it. It is propaganda. "Patriots" don't tell the truth about their country, nation, state, government. They tell what makes them "feel good" about their "country/nation/state/government." Spend your time reading something else, Perhaps, "Lies My Teacher Told Me" by Loewen. True patriots aren't afraid of warts or the truth and sometimes the truth is "warty".  

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'A Patriots History' is a magnificent, sweeping, and engrossing guide to our great country. I suggest it to scholor and layman alike.
Morgan Orlins

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