Review: Lies: And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

Editorial Review - - Joe Hartlaub

There's nothing more dangerous than an idea particularly when you only have one. Right now, there are a bunch of Americans who have reduced a richly complex philosophy called conservativism to one ugly idea. That is to win. Crush. Destroy. Al Franken, bless him, has stepped forward to take these socalled conservatives on, one by one. He starts with Ann Coulter, the leader of the pack. In case you ... Read full review

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I have been watching Al Franken since he was on SNL (mostly reruns as I was born in 1986), I read Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot when I was ten and my father was much more of a Democrat who believed in his party and individual freedoms who thought I should read it (he worked in one world trade, survived and needless to say he sees George W. Bush and Fox as assets to our society...oddly except for Ann Coulter). In between 1996 and 2012 there have been other books by Senator Franken, but Lies is by far one of his more note worthy works, as it is a truly well researched, grounded and succinct read. He manages to inform while keeping you entertained through humor. I heart Al Franken... He is one of my favorite people and now as a public servant I admire and love him for standing on the forefront. In a place where he can make the best change he believes in. It is also a book I can read again and again and still laugh. My hat is off to you sir! 

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Absolutely incisive. And actually fair and balanced - not in the sense that Fox News might propagate. It's tone is very aggressive. But it's fair in the more meaningful sense - it is utterly based on facts, and logic that comes from an honest interpretation of those facts.

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I enjoyed this book a lot but my
bottom has developed a rash..
its too abrasive for proper toilet
tissue I really can't justify more than
one star.
I have to laugh when bits of truth are
stretched to create entire chains of
deluded logical conclusions... fascinating
insights into a fully operational and highly
functoning mentally ill former comedian.
In NUTshell this is positive proof
that Abe might have been wrong "some of
the people can fool themselves all of the

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The ex-"Saturday Night Live" comedian's razor-tongued expose on the right wing media, and how they cover up the failures of the Bush administration.

Review: Lies & the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair & Balanced Look at the Right

User Review  - Ashley - Goodreads

I didn't like this one as much as "Rush Limbaugh Is A Big, Fat Idiot," but it made my laugh. Read full review

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