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Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

When your father is the most notorious serial killer of the 21st century, having a normal life is a struggle. So is not following in his footsteps.After witnessing many of the crime scenes of his father's 123 official kills in ways the police wish they could, 17-year-old Jasper "Jazz" Dent is glad his father's in prison. Life with crazy Gramma, who raised "Dear Old Dad," is hard enough, and now it ... Read full review

Review: I Hunt Killers

Editorial Review - - Norah Piehl

It's probably true that most teenagers, at some point, wish they could be born to different parents parents who are cooler or less strict or less demanding or just…different. But few teens have as much reason to feel that way as Jasper (Jazz) Dent. His mom disappeared years ago, and he barely remembers her. But he wishes he could forget his dad, the notorious serial killer Billy Dent, who killed ... Read full review

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