UNBROKEN: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption

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The author of Seabiscuit (2001) returns with another dynamic, well-researched story of guts overcoming odds.Hillenbrand examines the life of Louis Zamperini, an American airman who, after his bomber crashed in the Pacific during World War II, survived 47 days on a life raft only to be captured by Japanese soldiers and subjected to inhuman treatment for the next two years at a series of POW camps ... Read full review

Review: Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption

Editorial Review - - Barbara Bamberger Scott

Laura Hillenbrand admits that after she completed her remarkable biography of a racehorse, SEABISCUIT: An American Legend, she had little hope that she would ever find another subject as compelling to write about. But “When I had my first conversation with the infectiously effervescent and apparently immortal Louie Zamperini, I changed my mind.” A bad kid from a good working class family ... Read full review

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I had to read this book for my summer assignment, I am 16 years old. Thinking this was going to be a boring WWII story I was reluctant to start reading it. I got through the first chapter and I was already hooked. This is one of my favorite books to date. I am so glad I was assigned this book.

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This book was recommended by a good friend of the B.W. fellowship of the spirit...I am not only have trouble concentrating, but hard time finding time time for my self....I had to renew the check out twice from the Burbank Library, because it took me almost two month to read it.
What I got out of it?....a good kick in the rear, that not only I live in the greatest nation, but reminded about the difference between liberty and freedom. We may be the number one exporter of wars in the world, contribute to pollute a third of the world's total 7.5 billion of annual waste....but there is room for improvement, and hope for all of us that we can do better...
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An absolutely amazing true story of Louie Zamparini and his life and the horrors of the POW camps where he was enslaved. Couldn't put the book down altho the description of the torture and other horrors is very difficult. Jan. 20th, 2011

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The life of Louis Zamperini, written in the book Unbroken, is filled with incredible stories filled with hope and determination. Zamperini’s work ethic for running brought him to the Olympics at just 19 years old. Unfortunately, his next shot at the Olympics was diminished due to World War II. Zamperini joined the air force and battled on the Pacific, coming quite close to death more than a few times. When out on a mission, Zamperini’s plane went down and only two survived. He and his friend survived for 47 days, drifting two thousand miles, and losing half their body weight. They survived through the horrifying Japanese camps, despite being announced dead in America. Unbroken is truly an intriguing and inspiring story of one man’s life through very hard times.  

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All I can say is Excellent and Amazing. True stories are the best and this is one of the best. What Louie went through and still lived to talk about it is beyond amazing. You can not put it down once you start.

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what a story!

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I am half way through and feel like quitting as the book is full of meaningless detail as if information was obtained from the internet and inserted. Unlike other I find the story to be rather mundane and the author seems to drag the story line out in order to fill pages. There are so many wonderful factual events about our military it is difficult to understand why an author would devote so much time to foot noting the results of track events most of which are on no consequence. I will continue on because I paid for this book and hopefully it will catch my interest. 

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