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Review: 9987

User Review  - Heppy - Goodreads

This is the most disturbing thing I've read since The Wasp Factory. Like a car crash, it was impossible to look away from. Engrossing, disgusting and vile, 9987 has made me appreciate mundane life for ... Read full review

Review: 9987

User Review  - Hugo - Goodreads

Deliriously grubby (Jones's descriptive skills put me in mind of Ramsay Campbell in full flow), and manages the rare trick of creating a weird sort of sympathy and empathy with an odious protagonist ... Read full review

Review: 9987

User Review  - Denyse (DJ) - Goodreads

9987 kept me enthralled from start to finish. I now understand why Caroline Smailes referred to it as 'Cinematic'. This is one to watch and I mean that quite literally. I wouldn't be surprised if this ... Read full review

Review: 9987

User Review  - Ginger - Goodreads

Do not read this book. I bought it used in Newcastle because it was set in Newcastle. There are lots of little British-isms in it that made it endearing for the first 50 pages. Then I realized that it ... Read full review

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