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Review: Middlesex

User Review  - Bells - Goodreads

Starts off fast, meanders a bit, but then then it feels like you're with an old friend. Eugenides makes you really sympathize with the characters. Read full review

Review: Middlesex

User Review  - Madeline - Goodreads

A storytelling hermaphrodite chronicles his family's history beginning with his grandparent's emmigration from Turkey to the US in the 1920s. Incest. Mythology. Dysfunctional Greek families. Explosive ... Read full review

Review: Middlesex

User Review  - Maureen - Goodreads

This Greek family saga, as narrated by a hermaphrodite, has many pages, but I flicked through them easily like so many moistened labia. Moments of tragedy lay concealed within, like undescended testes, but warm humour dominated, swelling forth like a budding penis. Read full review

Review: Middlesex

User Review  - Kim - Goodreads

This book has all the major players.... Incest, war, teenage girl-on-girl experimental sex, deadheads, undescended testes, and a 2 inch penis. Yep, it took me all of one chapter to realize that ... Read full review

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