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Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

Patterson (Kill Alex Cross, 2011, etc.), here with co-writer Karp, moves to the posh confines of the Big Apple's Upper East Side as he delves into crimes against the tabloid-dwelling rich and famous. Detective Zach Jordan is all about Courtesy, Professionalism and Respect, the new motto of the NYPD. That's handy when he and his new partner are dispatched to a posh hotel to investigate the death of ... Read full review

Review: NYPD Red

Editorial Review - - Joe Hartlaub

I love potboilers. They were among the first adult novels I read for fun, and while I happily acquire and read more literary works, my attitude is that if you are not reading for the pleasure of taking in a good story that's welltold, then you should be doing something else with your time. Or at least I should. This brings us to NYPD RED, the new collaborative effort between James Patterson and ... Read full review

Review: NYPD Red 3

Editorial Review - - Joe Hartlaub

The NYPD Red series by James Patterson and Marshall Karp is a great example of plotting outside the box. The series concerns a special division of the NYPD that, rather than dealing with the hoi polloi, concerns itself with the travails of New York's rich and powerful. While there are those who argue that New York's Finest constitute a law unto themselves, NYPD Red answers to its police captain ... Read full review

Review: NYPD Red 3

Editorial Review -

Protect the rich. Serve the famous. Hunt the guilty NYPD Red is the elite, highly trained task force assigned to protect the rich, the famous, and the connected. And Detective Zach Jordan and his partner Kylie MacDonaldthe woman who broke his heart at the police academy are the best of the best, brilliant and tireless investigators who will stop at nothing to deliver justice. Zach and Kylie's New ... Read full review

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