Fighting Immigration Anarchy

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Rooftop Publishing, Apr 1, 2006 - Social Science - 344 pages
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A groundswell has been steadily building in America among citizens who are fed up with seeing our country overrun by millions of illegal aliens - foreign invaders who defy our laws, disrespect our culture, and refuse to learn our language. These citizens became activists when they saw that, if America is to survive as a nation and culture, her people will have to save her, because an out-of-touch Washington establishment has grown too corrupt to defend the land and Constitution that hundreds of thousands of Americans have died to preserve. This book tells the stories of some of those patriots. Fighting Immigration Anarchy focuses on the struggles of six citizen activists to wake up their fellow Americans to the encroaching danger. And through the individual stories, readers learn about the recent history of illegal immigration in America - the political victories and defeats as citizens awoke and fought back against the open-borders juggernaut. Like the patriots of the American Revolution, today''s citizen activists refuse to cower before powerful foreign tyrants like those in Mexico City demanding America accept their surplus people. Modern patriots also confront domestic business interests grown addicted to exploitable foreigners now doing formerly American jobs at near-slave wages. The patriots chosen for this book are as varied as America, yet all underwent personal transformations when they saw the nation's peril. All put individual concerns aside to make saving the country their top priority. Among the patriots are: An auto mechanic from South Central Los Angeles who remade himself into a powerful talk radio host and public speaker to tell the story of the black community asAmerica''s canary in the immigration coal mine. A pioneer environmental reporter who concluded that true conservation required that the immigration-fueled population explosion be controlled - and built a Washington organization to harness grassroots activism. A freshman Congressman from Colorado who founded the Immigration Reform Caucus and became the nation''s spokesman for border security after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. This book is a warning for all Americans of the chaos spreading rapidly from the southwestern border zone to every corner of the nation. In its wake have come massive job displacement for American workers, increased crime, schools overwhelmed by non-English-speaking students, and bankrupt hospitals. And these newcomers have not come to join the American community through assimilation, as did legal immigrants in the past, demanding instead that we change our culture to fit them. But the heroic citizen activists chronicled in Fighting Immigration Anarchy show that, although the hour is late, there will be no surrender to the forces of corporate globalism, utopian multiculturalism, or Mexico City. Not only is the book a modern Profiles in Courage, it also shows grassroots Americans successfully making a critical difference.

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Daniel Sheehy served as Director of Folk & Traditional Arts at the National Endowment for the Arts from 1992-2000 and as staff ethnomusicologist and Assistant Director from 1978-1992. A Fulbright-Hays scholar in Veracruz, Mexico, he earned his Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from UCLA in 1979. He is
coeditor of the second volume of the Garland Encyclopedia of World Music: South America, Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean (1998). He has performed mariachi music since 1968.

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