A Select Collection of Old Plays: Mal-content (Google eBook)

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J. Nichols, 1780 - English drama
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Page 249 - I'll have thrice the weight in gold. Why, man, all their dripping pans and their chamber pots are pure gold; and all the chains with which they chain up their streets are massy gold; all the prisoners they take are fettered in gold; and for rubies and diamonds, they go forth on holidays and gather 'hem by the seashore to hang on their children's coats.
Page 250 - But as for them, there are no greater friends to Englishmen and England, when they are out on't, in the world, than they are. And for my...
Page 47 - Men say ! let men say what they will : life a' woman ! they are ignorant of our * wants. The more in years, the more in perfection they grow; if they lose youth and beauty, they gain wisdom and discretion : but when our beauty fades, good night with us.
Page 51 - Instantly; before he casts a plot, Or further blaze my honour's much-known blot, Let's murder him. Men. I would do much for you : will ye marry me? Aur.
Page 281 - I. He was a knight, and I was fit to be a lady. 'Tis not lack of liking, but lack of living, that severs us. And you talk like yourself and a cittiner in this, i
Page 212 - I thought you would not ha' been knighted, as I am an honest woman, I would ha' dubbed you myself. I praise God I have wherewithal. But as for your daughter Ge. Ay, mother, I must be a lady to-morrow ; and by your leave, mother (I speak it not without my duty, but only in the right of my husband), I must take place of you, mother.
Page 324 - I'd be revenged and marry her. Lus. Pish ! the dowry of her blood and of her fortunes Are both too mean — good enough to be bad withal.
Page 17 - ... tis his position, whosoever in this earth can be contented is a slave and damned; therefore does he afflict all in that to which they are most affected.
Page 210 - God's making, and mayest peradventure to be saved as soon as I — does he come ? — And ever and anon she doubled in her song.
Page 208 - Moorfields without a cloak, with half a hat, without a band, a doublet with three buttons, without a girdle, a hose with one point, and no garter, with a cudgel under thine arm, borrowing and begging three-pence.

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