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Great classic sci-fi

User Review  - Dirtdog - Borders

A Princess of Mars was written in 1911. This space opera by Edgar Rice Burroughs contains all the fast-paced action and graphic violence of a modern day action movie. Hard to believe it was written ... Read full review

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if you're a fan of scifi fiction or someone who wants to enter the world of scifi, here's a good read that i would recommend. A Princess of Mars (Movie:John Carter of Mars, though some were a touch from the 2nd book, The God of Mars like the Therns...)
ADVENTURE,ROMANCE,SCIENCE, a touch of MYSTERY (There were things in the book that were not explained thoroughly, which will be explained in the next series)

Review: A Princess of Mars (Barsoom #1)

User Review  - Jessica - Goodreads

Some thoughts on A PRINCESS OF MARS: I really want a Woola. Tars Tarkas is a total badass. Saddest ending to a sci fi book? Quite possibly! The JOHN CARTER movie was a remarkably faithful adaptation ... Read full review

Review: A Princess of Mars (Barsoom #1)

User Review  - Elijah Meeks - Goodreads

The Mars series of Burroughs are classic adventure novels and their setting on the dying Red Planet allows Burroughs to move away from the racialist dogma found in the Tarzan series. While falling ... Read full review

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