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Fifty Shades Darker is the second novel that follows the all popular Fifty Shades of Grey. From my raw encounter I would agree that FSD is set at a different level.
While I think a lot of woman
girded their loins for this second novel – and I’m sure many couldn’t resist discovering what this – a follow up novel could deliver since Ana left Christian after a serious beating in the first, this novel actually proved to have an intriguing storyline – irrespective of the sex.
I found that FSD wasn’t as erotic as FSOG instead it became sensual – loving even beautiful.
I found myself absorbed in discovering Christians past and relieved at finding reasons for his behaviour. While there was an understanding as to why people compared this storyline to twilight it wasn’t overbearing – obvious. I think the key to the comparison is mostly the pace of the story and the characteristics within Christian which is similar to that of Edward.
While the novel has a flowing line between relief, heartache, progress, humour and suspense I confess that it was good enough for me to want to read Fifty Shades Freed.
I still had issues with some of the writing – the holy cow, my fifty, crap, fuck repeats was still around but for most I enjoyed the writers out right blatant response. I found it to be very womanly – even though I wanted to kill the constant referral to her inner goddess.
I can see why woman find the story intriguing and I was happy to find that Ana grew a pear and took the lead.

Horrible book! Please don't waste your money.

User Review  - jt - Flipkart

...ok so after the first one, which, in retrospect is horrible too, I figured there would be SOME story line. Well I was wrong. Nothing. No story. Zero. Don't waste your money. I'll give you the gist ... Read full review

Story does move

User Review  - Kaumudi - Flipkart

It definitely takes the story forward. Glad to see the character Ana move ahead. Its movement from the first book Should read - if you enjoyed the first book Like the subtle suspense in the relationships Read full review

Racy but predictable

User Review  - Aruna Iyer - Flipkart

Darker, which is the sequel to 50 shades of Grey turns out to be rather predictable. After an exciting first book, EL James fails to recreate the impact with the second book. What put me off was the ... Read full review

Well if you are thinking. . .

User Review  - Deana Devadhasan - Flipkart

If you are reading the review for the second time i bet you are in self-doubt should you invest in this book ! well i dont blame you, and you know what the people who have written reviews below me ... Read full review

A mushy, mysterious tale

User Review  - Runa - Flipkart

The Ana - Christian romance finally developing into a sensible, sincere relationship. This book is more normal, more mushy but definitely not the run of mill kinds. Ana's brush with Christians dark ... Read full review

a must read

User Review  - puja - Flipkart

Right from the beginning it keeps u occupied, u just cant resist reading the next page.It really is liberating. It unleashes the real inner u. Am looking forward to buying the next two. After reading the first one I just cant wait to get my hands on GREY'S darker side. Read full review

Review: Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades, #2) (Fifty Shades #2)

User Review  - Kelly - Goodreads

Edit: Not gonna lie, but I sort of enjoyed reading this one. The characters were a bit more bearable. And gasp, I'm looking forward to seeing how the third book goes. Continuing on with this series because there's three book all together and not one. Read full review

Part II of the Fifty Shades Trilogy

User Review  - Tannaaz Irani - Flipkart

this book was a bit of a let down after the first one. it was completely mushy and its rather difficult to believe that a man who was so into control and BDSM is willing to give that up for an almost ... Read full review

Review: Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades, #2) (Fifty Shades #2)

User Review  - Godiva Rachel - Goodreads

I hate to admit it but Fifty Shades got me so hooked that I find myself falling in love with Christian. Fifty Shades Darker is as good as the first book. Read full review

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