Blue Corn Woman

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AuthorHouse, Dec 5, 2007 - Fiction - 204 pages
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BLUE CORN WOMAN is a lesbian novel that cries for the blind raven, a story of handicap, abandonment, and revival.

BLUE CORN WOMAN animates the desert lesbians in the rugged Superstition Mountains of Arizona where the character of Blue Corn Woman operates her trading post to feed her and her two wolf-dogs, Peyote Two Buttons and Kachina Four Corners.

Played out in a seductive game of Desert Monopoly with life-size tokens of affection, Blue Corn Woman must pay attention to their contents to understand her journey.  She has a one-night stand with a mysterious Latino woman named Valentina Harmony posing as a sassy cowgirl.  Valentina rides off at sunset with her secrets tucked under her saddle.  It spurs Blue Corn Woman to search for Ms. Harmony.

Blue Corn Woman adopts a half-breed Navajo/Mexican orphan boy with fetal alcohol syndrome after she heals him from being lashed by the local gang.

BLUE CORN WOMAN is carved feminist/lesbian spirituality, a Kachina doll symbolizing two women who choose to share one blanket through life on a journey of reviving a pottery hermitage started in the 1960s by Ms. Harmony's grandmother, a homeless gyspy woman.

Women have begun showing up to work the clay.  The retirement-age group of women can't live on their social security benefits, so they are looking for ways to supplement their income.  At Mother Clay, her earning power depends on her mood.  Nothing is regimented and there are no time clocks to punch.  The clay days are based on the old calendar.

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About the author (2007)

Sage Sweetwater is the name of Colorado firebrand lesbian novelist, storyteller, poet, and songwriter. Sage Sweetwater is the lesbian equivalent to Louis L'Amour, master storyteller of the American frontier.

Sage Sweetwater has published three lesbian pulp fiction dime-store novels with AuthorHouse, THE BUCKSKIN SKIRT OAR TRAVELER and FROM THE CONVENT TO THE RAWHIDE: THE SAGA OF SADIE CADE AND VI MONTANA. Sage released BLUE CORN WOMAN in December 2007 and DOMINGA RIO OF CUERO in March 2009, adapted to screen to be a motion picture. Her FOUR CORNERS SERIES stories are the flagship of STONE CREEK WOMAN, a medicine camp in Colorado's Western frontier. Stone Creek Woman leads other women across Colorado's western frontier to get themselves back into the primal element of life in an undiluted, natural environment.   

Sage Sweetwater stories are intentionally written for the movies, making sure her characters and plots are visual and translate well on screen. Sage Sweetwater's lesbian Western pulp fiction dime-store novel FROM THE CONVENT TO THE RAWHIDE: THE SAGA OF SADIE CADE AND VI MONTANA published by AuthorHouse has been adapted to screen to be a film.

Sage Sweetwater is a celebrity featured lesbian novelist on Authors Den.

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