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I <3 this book

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In my lifetime Iíve had several encounters with people diagnosed with autism and other behavioral disorders, and Iíve never been able to understand the way they view the world. The few Iíve gotten to know admit that they think differently than other people, but they havenít been able to put it into words. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time did exactly what these people struggled to do: put it into words. Although Mark Haddon didnít write it about someone with autism or any specific diagnosis, he demonstrates to the reader the mindset of a teenage boy who views the world differently.
When the neighborís dog Wellington is killed, Christopher sets out to find the killer and writes the book as a murder mystery novel. Although the story does have many characteristics of this genre, it changes as Christopherís life turns upside down from things he discovers hardly related to the original incident. The entire story is written from his point of view, and early into the story he introduces himself with ďMy name is Christopher John Francis Boone. I know all the countries of the world and their capital cities and every prime number up to 7,057.Ē Although he is a genius in the subjects of math and science, he lacks necessary social skills for even basic communication, which is an interesting twist to a murder mystery novel. I think the character of Christopher makes this book stand out from other ones of the same genre, and was the reason I found it fascinating.
The setting of the story is another exciting element, as most of the novel takes place in the town of Swindon, but Christopher also travels to London. The change from the familiar to the unknown is difficult for Christopher to handle. He feels safe in the quiet place where he grew up in, but is lost in the vast new city he finds himself in.
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time follows a boyís journey to uncover the truth that many try to discourage him from finding. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good read.

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This is one of the most original and spellbinding novels I've read in years. It is written from a perspective of an autistic teenage boy in an incredibly convincing way. The book starts as a murder-mystery, and although the murder of a dog may not sound like the most pressing crime that you need to read about, the reader is quickly drawn into the story. What makes the whole situation unique is precisely the autistic perspective of the narrator. The familiar world that we all take for granted is transformed, and the crime mystery is that much deeper due to the fact that the protagonist is striving to understand the world that he lives in on top of the facts of the crime. As the story progresses we become more and more taken by the protagonist, and manage to rediscover some of the basic truths about our own lives from a new and honest perspective. 

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Wonderfully written from an autistic teen's point of view. Two thumbs up!

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sad, touching, and heartfelt.

Intelligent, funny, thrilling, innocent, emotional- all at the same time!

User Review  - Priyanka S - Flipkart

Loved reading this book. Finished it in record time! Each page reveals facts that never cease to amaze and amuse. It's a class apart. Must read. Read full review

Great Book

User Review  - Shreyasi Mondal - Flipkart

I read this book a long time ago. This time bought it from flipkart as a gift for a friend. It is a great read and flipkart's delivery was impeccable. Read full review

Better than awesome

User Review  - Kashish Gupta - Flipkart

A very cute book!! Easy to understand!! Creative, sweet, cute yet inciting curiousness as a child looks at the world and interprets it!! Sweet!! Must read cute light novel!! Read full review


User Review  - Diksha Kale - Flipkart

This book is not sugary sweet, but it's sweet as it is written from the perspective of a child. An autistic child, actually. Tag along with Christopher on his little journey and you will have a smile ... Read full review

Amazing book to buy and enjoy reading

User Review  - Harsh Vardhan - Flipkart

I would recommend you to get this book. Nicely written! Also the book is grammatically correct not like other authors who are poor in english. Read full review

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