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Board of Commissioners for the Second Geological Survey, 1880
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Page iii - ARIO PARDEE, ---------- Hazleton. WILLIAM A. INGHAM, Philadelphia. HENRY S. ECKERT, Reading. HENRY McCoRMiCK, Harrisburg. JAMES MACFARLANE, Towanda. JOHN B. PEARSE, - - - Philadelphia. JOSEPH WILLCOX, Philadelphia.
Page iii - JOSEPH WILLCOX, Philadelphia. Hon. DANIEL J. MORRELL, - Johnstown. Louis W. HALL, --------- Harrisburg. SAMUEL Q. BROWN, - - Pleasantville. SECRETARY OF THE BOARD. WILLIAM A. INGHAM, ------- Philadelphia. STATE GEOLOGIST. PETER LESLEY, Philadelphia.
Page 376 - ... PROGRESS IN THE BEAVER RIVER DISTRICT OF THE BITUMINOUS COAL FIELDS OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA. By IC White; pp. 337, illustrated with 3 Geological maps of parts of Beaver, Butler, and Allegheny Counties, and 21 plates of vertical sections 1875.
Page 375 - RIVER VALLEY IN FAYETTE AND WESTMORELAND COUNTIES, with Geological Notes of the Coal and Iron Ore Beds, from Surveys, by Charles A. Young; by Franklin Platt. To which are appended: I. A Report on Methods of Coking, by John Fulton. II. A Report on the use of Natural Gas in the Iron Manufacture, by John B. Pearse, Franklin Platt, and Professor Sadtler.
Page 375 - REPORT OF PROGRESS IN THE FAYETTE AND WESTMORELAND DISTRICT OF THE BITUMINOUS COAL FIELDS OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA 1876. By JJ Stevenson ; pp. 437, illustrated by 50 wood-cuts and 3 county maps, colored. Part I. Eastern Allegheny County, and Fayette and Westmoreland Counties, west from Chestnut Ridge. Price, $1 40 ; postage, $0 20.
Page 157 - ... one hundred feet in the air, and again retiring within the bowels, of the earth to acquire fresh power for a new effort. This phenomenon is called 'blowing,' and is very troublesome and vexatious to the manufacturer.
Page 373 - Commissioners, at Harrisburg, and the prices have been fixed as follows, in accordance with the terms of the act : PRICES OF REPORTS. A. HISTORICAL SKETCH OF GEOLOGICAL EXPLORATIONS in Pennsylvania and other States. By JP Lesley. With appendix, containing Annual Reports for 1874 and 1875 ; pp. 226, 8vo.
Page 157 - The water now flows into the well till the pressure of gas in its reservoir has increased to such an extent that it thrusts out of the hole the larger column of water to a height of from 85 to 115 feet. The smaller column of water is probably produced by the gas coming from the smaller vein at 1200 feet depth, while the larger column is thrown up by the gas coming from the greater vein at a depth of 1600 feet. But, of course, neither the one nor the other column is produced by either of the gas veins...
Page 375 - REPORT OF PROGRESS IN 1877. The Geology of LAWRENCE COUNTY, to which is appended a Special Report on the CORRELATION OF THE COAL MEASURES in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. 8 vo., pp. 336, with a colored Geological Map of the county, and 134 vertical sections.
Page 376 - REPORT OF PROGRESS IN 1879. 8 vo., pp. 232. The Geology of CLARION COUNTY, by H. Martyn Chance, with colored geological map of county, a map of the Anticlinals and OIL BELT, a contoured map of the Old River Channel at Parker, 83 local sections figured in the text, and 4 page plates. Price, $0 43 ; postage, $0 12.

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